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Who is the blogger at Triad Dining Reviews?  Why should you read and follow the restaurants on our site?

Rick Cavanaugh is a  Food Scientist with over 30 years Research and Development experience in the food industry.  World authority in the wholesale production of sweet baked goods. Rick has developed products for Singapore, Thailand, S. Korea, Japan, China, Philippines, Malaysia, Australia, Mexico, Nicaragua, Jamaica, Saudia Arabia, Kuwait, UAE, Turkey, Bahrain, Lebanon and Qatar.


Rick is a food expert who has traveled the world and has consulted with food businesses many countries.  Rick is also an avid scuba diver and takes vacations annually in remote areas of the world and has had the opportunity to taste foods from many different cultures.  During these trips, Rick tries to experience true local food from small street vendors to small independently owned restaurants.  Some of the best foods he has experienced are from small street vendors in Thailand and South Korea.

Triad Dining Reviews are reviews from a true food professional experiencing local restaurants in the Greensboro, Winston-Salem, and High Point areas.


Ricks Career

Ingredient Experts DBA Key Blends 2011- Present- President and Founder

Startup bakery mix and Savory blends manufacturer. International supplier to retail, small wholesale and large wholesale food establishments.

 Krispy Kreme Doughnuts 2008-2011 - Gobal Director of R&D

Formulation of all products Globally 

Key Mix Corporation 1993-2007  President

Bakery Mix Manufacturer

Giant Food Inc Landover 1982-1993 - QA and R&D 

Large Grocery Store Operation in Washington DC Area


Ricks Food Education

BS Degree Experimental Foods (Food Science) University of Maryland 1984

Baking Science and Technology Degree  American Institute of Baking 1984

Courses on Flavors, colors and nutritional analysis etc.


Professional Member of the Insitute of Food Technologists since 1982


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