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Our goal is to find and review small lesser known restaurants in the Greensboro, Winston-Salem and High Point area and write honest restaurant reviews.   Greensboro and Winston-Salem have lots  great place to eat that are the hidden gems  that serve great food that is 'creatively prepared' that stand out from other restaurants in the area.   The best restaurant does not always mean an expensive restaurant.  There are plenty of great eats at cheap prices in Greensboro, Winson-Salem and High Point.

Did you know many reviews on the big websites are fake?  So who do you trust?  All my reviews are unannounced and unknown to the restaurant.  I am treated the same as you will be so my experience that I report should be similar to what you will experience.

Everybody eats, right?  So do you trust everyone's restaurant reviews just because they eat?  I am a professional food scientist with BS degree in Food Science and a Baking and Science degree from the American Insitute of Baking.  I have been working around the world formulating food products for  over 30 years.  I am a food professional that has a realistic outlook on restaurant food and what a restaurant should be.  I will honestly review the restaurant based on what I see from one or even many visits to a restaurant.  In comparision, one large website has taken over the majority of the reviews in our area.  In its list of top restaurants, there is an average kabob shop that is really a fast food restaurant.  I have been to this Kabob shop and the food is pretty good.  However, it would still never meet my definition of a top restaurant. How can a fast food kabob shop be listed with fine dining restaurants like Printworks Bistro, 1618 Seafood Grill, Spring House Restaurant, Bernardins, and Green Valley Grill?   

We moved to North Carolina about 8 years ago from the Washington, DC / Maryland area. The Washington, DC area has many top restaurants of any ethnic dining variety.  It was easy to find restaurants serving fantastic Asian food, Eithopean food, French food and dry aged fine beef.  We were spoiled by the availability of excellent restaurants in the DC area and we have grown to expect food and restaurants to be of a higher caliber.  I guess we are food snobs ;) We struggled for the first year trying to find quality restaurants in the Triad.  Fine dining existed, but they were not easy to find several years ago.  The majority of the Triad area restaurants we found at first were sub par compared to the dining we were used to in regards to food, service and creativity.

We are regular diners who visit area restaurants at least 2 times per week. Over 8 years we have dined out in this area close to 800 times. Dining out 800 times allowed us to find some truly great restaurants whose food truly stands out.  After visiting this many area restaurants and having an extensive career in the food industry, it was natural to start a restaurant review site on Greensboro, Winston-Salem and High Point restaurants.  

The Greensboro and Winston-Salem area does have its share of excellent restaurants.  Finding ethnic gems can be more difficult, but they do exist.

Our goal is to help others to find these hidden gems in the Greensboro, Winston-Salem and High Point area.  We hope you find these reviews of some of the hidden gems useful.

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