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Four Flocks and Larder

Casual Fine Dining

Food           ★★★
Ambiance    ★★★
Service        ★★
Creativity     ★★★
Value           ★★★

$40-70 meal for 2 plus drinks 

 Information card

 Local business type:  Restaurant
 Name: Four Flocks and Larder
 Description: Farm to Fork Restaurant
 Price range: $$$
 Cuisine: American
 Address: 101 Spring Garden St | Greensboro | NC 27401 | USA
 Telephone: 336-676-6131
 Accepts reservations: Yes


Four Flocks and Larder is a new restaurant that opened in late 2016.  From the comments I have read on other review sites, it appears they had a rough time for the first few weeks after opening.  I avoided eating here for several months until they had their bugs worked out.  I visited Four Flocks in Mid January of 2017 and while not perfect, they were MUCH better than what others have written.  Obviously, they are going in the right direction as our experience is much better than the earlier reviews.  The restaurant was almost full during our visit, so they are recovering from their opening and I would suggest a reservation on the weekend.

Four Flocks and Larder is part of the Fresh Local Good Food group which have built a group of restaurants in what appears to be an old factory or warehouse.  Considerable work has been done to convert what was there into a premium destination for dining.  This building has a burger joint, a farm to fork restaurant (Four Flocks and Larder), A bakery / Coffee Shop and more.  The outside is brightly lit with a decent parking lot that fills up rapidly.  There is parking across the street as well as plenty of street parking.   The whole project is a very professionally planned and executed business.

Four Flocks and Larder is a larger casual yet slightly upscale restaurant with a comfortable and casual decor that was very professionally designed and executed.  There is a HUGE B&W  photograph of swamp and forest that is above the bar, a mixture of interesting lighting and textures makes for a comfortable environment.  The noise levels were reasonable considering the floors are polished concrete with twenty-foot high ceilings.  It is a Farm to Fork style of restaurant which is going to use fresh local ingredients from local sources.  This is not an easy task in the Winter months.  They hold true to their name,  There were 4 types of Fowl, Turkey, Duck, Chicken and Quail.  Prices vary significantly between dishes.  You could can a meal for 2 with a shared appetizer for $40 or you could hit $72.  Add drinks and you could have a somewhat expensive meal.  

Service at Four Flocks and Larder was very good, maybe on the verge of being a bit too slow.  I personally prefer service to be relaxed and not rushed.  Many restaurants seem to want to serve you as rapidly as possible and get you out so that they can get someone else seated at your table.  Four Flocks has a much more relaxed feeling.  We placed our drink order and our drinks came in a reasonable time.  We placed an appetizer order and it arrived about 30 minutes after the drinks and our dinners arrived about 30 minutes after the appetizer.  Was this too slow?  I don't think so.  I personally feel you should have enough time to enjoy your drinks and your appetizer BEFORE your main meal arrives.  There is nothing worse than having a rushed meal where your drinks, appetizer, and meal arrives withing a total of five minutes.  Overall, they almost had the perfect pace, just a bit slow.  This maybe an issue for some who prefer a rushed meal.   The servers knew the menu well and they were attentive without hovering. For a casual fine dining restaurant, they did a good job.

The Food.

We started off with Four Flocks and Larder's Potato Skins.  This was potato skins with house made duck bacon, manchego cheese, scallions, and jalapeno.  This dish could have been fantastic, but it was only warm by the time it got to use.  The manchego cheese sauce was good, but a bit runny. However, the flavor combination was excellent.  Not too heavy on the jalapenos, just enough to occasionally give you a burst of jalapeno.  If it would have been served hotter with a thicker cheese, it would have been fantastic.

Four Flocks and Larder potato skins


For my main course, I had Four Flocks and Larder's Stuffed Whole Quail.  This dish was recommended by our server who felt it was outstanding.

This is a whole quail stuffed with Neese's country sausage with collard greens, black-eyed peas, and grain mustard.

Quail is a very small game bird that is very tender and sweet. It is similar to chicken with a slightly different flavor profile.    The Quail at Four Flocks and Larder was heavily stuffed with Neese's sausage.  Since the bird is small, the dish was more sausage than quail.  The flavor was good and the sausage complimented the quail without overpowering it.  The sauce was outstanding, it had a complex flavor that complimented the dish.    The collard greens and black-eyed peas were well done in this heavily southern-inspired dish.

Four Flocks and Larder whole quail


We also had Four Flocks and Larder's Chicken and Dumplings.  This was a traditional style southern shredded chicken and dumplings.  Good standard southern comfort food.


Four Flocks and Larder Chicken and Dumplings


Overall, my experience at Four Flocks and Larder was very good.  The menu has plenty of interesting and creative dishes to choose from with lesser used meats like duck and quail.  Many of the dishes have a heavy southern influence with an upscale twist.  We will be coming back and I think you should try it too. your social media marketing partner