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meal for 2 $50-70 plus drinks

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info Name: Milners Restaurant
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location_on Address: 630 S Stratford Rd | Winston-Salem | NC 27103 | USA
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This was our first time dining at Milner's in Winston-Salem.  I have had many people mention this restaurant, stating how good it is.  We were looking forward to a good meal.

milner's restaurant 

Milner's is obviously a very popular restaurant in Winston-Salem. On the night we visited, Milne'rs was fairly crowded for our 8 PM reservation.  Due to the crowd, the noise level was a bit high as the rooms are all packed with tables.  The restaurant was split up into separate rooms which typically controls the noise level, but the number of people made the  place  was a bit too loud.  It did not help that we had a loud talker sitting next to us.  Milner's has a somewhat rustic feel.  Raw wood, with unpainted or stripped painted surfaces and wood beams on the ceilings.  The walls are covered with very nice oil paintings.  The overall feel is comfortable, relaxed yet refined.  Good ambiance for a nice restaurant.

The server was just about perfect.  He was very attentive without being overbearing.  He gave recommendations and did a real good job.

The food tonight was a bit of a letdown.  The food was not as good as it should have been at a restaurant at this price point.

We started off the meal with the  Milner's Bruschetta.  This had Goodnights Brother's Prosciutto, parmesan cheese, sweet peppers, tomatoes, Olive and Herb relish.  This would have been a fantastic dish if they would have served the bread toasted.  The toppings were on a very lightly toasted bread pieces which made the bread soggy.  The flavor was incredible. It was a shame it was not toasted a bit more.

Milner's Bruschetta


Next, we had Milner's Pork Tenderloin with sweet potato flapjacks, stewed tomato green beans and a tomato bacon jam.

This dish should not have left the kitchen.  It was obviously undercooked. If they are going to push the limits and serve pork rare, it should be stated in the menu or the customer should be asked if they would like the pork cooked rare. I don't have issues with eating medium rare pork, but this was rare.  I feel pork is best at medium as the meat can get a bit chewy at medium rare.  A tenderloin is one of the few cuts that can tolerate cooking less than medium due to its tenderness.  The dish would have been fantastic if the kitchen was paying attention to the food.  With the way this was plated it is obvious that the meat was rare.  

Many years ago it was recommended to only eat well-done pork due to trichinosis, this is no longer true.  The USDA recommends a minimum of 140F with a 3 minute rest for medium rare pork. This is due to  the trichinae being killed with freezing and/or cooking the meat to above 137F. Overcooking pork to kill the trichinae is an overkill and destroyed many pork roasts over the years.

Milner's Pork Tenderloin


We also had Milner's Shrimp and Scallop Salad with arugula, beets, carrots and a lemon vinaigrette.  The shrimp and scallops were perfectly cooked.  Tender and flavorful shrimp and scallops over a bed of fresh arugula.  

Milner's Shrimp and scallop salad


Overall I was a bit disappointed due to the food not being up to the level it should have been.  The serving pork below medium rare is not something that a restaurant of this caliber should do.  If they choose to push the limits they should ask the customer how they would like to have their meat cooked. your social media marketing partner