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Mozelle's Fresh Southern Bistro

Casual Fine Dining Restaurant

Food           ★★★★
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$40-60 meal for 2 plus drinks - beer and wine only

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Mozelle's is located towards the end of Fourth Street in Winston-Salem.  I refer to Fouth Street as restaurant row due to the number of great restaurants located there.  Being at the end of restaurant row has its advantage as it is typically easy to find street parking around Mozelles. This is a fairly small restaurant so it is highly recommended to make reservations.  They typically are booked solid to 9 PM.

Mozelle's Fresh Southern Bistro has 3 dining areas.  A small bar area, a small covered patio and outdoor seating.  Each section will only accommodate about 24 people.  Tonight we seated in the covered patio area.  When you first enter the patio  you feel that you are in a building and not a vinyl fabric shelter.  The floors have the look of wood, the walls have pictures  and the seating is very comfortable and it is airconditioned.  The room was cozy with a reasonable noise level.

Our server has been at Mozelle's for 5 years and he obviously knew the menu very well and gave his recommendations on various dishes. His recommendations for first-time diners was the Fried Chicken, Meatloaf, Tomato Pie and the Shrimp and Grits.  These are the dishes Mozelle's is famous for and it may feel a bit strange ordering Fried Chicken or Meatloaf at a fine restaurant.

We started off with Mozelle's Fresh Southern Spring Rolls. They contained pulled pork, shiitakes, napa cabbage, collards  nicely fried and served with a  sesame ginger dipping sauce.  The dipping sauce was extremely flavorful.  I could have eaten these for dinner. The southern spring rolls are a fantastic dish that you must try when you go to Mozelles.

Mozelles Spring Rolls


Next, we had Mozelle's  Fresh Southern Bistro's Fried Chicken.  This was served with Mac and Cheese, Haricot Verts and Peach Chutney.  Haricot verts is the French word for Green beans and are typically a thinner green bean with a better texture.  So much for being Southern.

 It never feels right being a foodie and ordering fried chicken with mac and cheese at a fine restaurant.  However, you must try Mozelle's Fried Chicken.  The chicken was tender and the flavor combination was wonderful. The boneless chicken breast was most likely poulet rouge, a very ugly, but very tender chicken. The dish had fried notes with the underlying notes of dairy and then topped off with the sweet peach chutney made a fantastic dish.  Even the mac and cheese was fantastic.  It was not the most photogenic dish, but it was tasty!

Mozelles Fried Chicken


We also had Mozelle's Fresh Southern Bistro Scallops. 

The scallops were served with couscous mixed with peas and a roasted turnip puree.  Each scallop was topped with a marcona romesco sauce. Romesco sauce is a red pepper sauce with tomato and garlic and Marcona Almonds.  Marcona almonds have a softer texture  and sweeter flavor than California Almonds.   The scallops were slightly tough from being a bit over-cooked.  The roasted turnip puree was very good and the romesco sauce was a fantastic topping for the scallops. Scallops and romesco sauce is showing up and more and more menus.  This dish was very good, but I have a hard time admitting it, but the fried chicken was better.

Mozelles scallops


 Overall, the food and service at Mozelle's Fresh Southern Bistro is fantastic.  If you have not been, then you must go.



Mozelle's Fresh Southern Bistro


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