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Slappy's Chicken

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Food           ★★
Ambiance    ★
Service        ★
Creativity     ★★
Value           ★★★

$20-25 meal for 2 with soft drink

 Information card

 Local business type:  Restaurant
 Name: Slappy's Chicken
 Cuisine: American
 Address: 200 W Acadia Ave | Winston-Salem | NC 27127 | USA
 Telephone: 336-761-0268


There has been a little buzz about a small Fried Chicken restaurant in Winston-Salem.  The comments have mostly been love, but there are the fair share of not feeling the love for the sauce.  I was in the area and decided to try this local chicken joint for Lunch. 

Slappy's is located in a less picturesque section of Winston-Salem, a couple of blocks behind Car Dealer row of Silas Creek Parkway.  Slappy's is located in the old Arcadia Grill location and they even left the painted sign on the building.  This is your best landmark to find the place without passing it and seeing the small sign on the front window.  It is not much to look at inside or out, but it falls into the dive category, a place you go for and interesting meal, not the ambiance.  Slappy's would gain quite a bit by eliminating the plastic ware for real flatware.  Nothing is more annoying than eating with a flimsy fork and spoon that barely does its job.  So it is hard to give a place like this much on creativity or ambiance.  It is an order at the counter and they deliver the food to your table, so there is no real service.  Fast Food Category.

The menu is beyond tiny.  Many restaurants fail due to having a huge menu and doing nothing good.  Slappy's takes this to the other extreme.  You have Chicken and sides, that is all they have.  Your choice at Slappy's is white or dark meat or a 1/2 having both.  Sides are Cheez-it Mac and Cheese, baked beans, collard greens, coleslaw and potato salad.  That's it for the menu.  

The chicken comes slathered in a polarizing sauce.  Most seem to like it, while some hate it.  It is a spicy sauce. I happen to love hot foods, so I did not think it was too spicy.  The heat does build as you eat and if you are the least sensitive to hot, ask for no sauce or get it on the side.  There are no other choices for sauces.  Just Slappy's Hot sauce.  The flavor reminded me of several sauces mixed together creating a spicy sauce with savory and sweet notes.  My guess is a combination of steak sauce and Texas Pete.  The sauce is brown and has notes of A1 and Texas Pete.  The flavor works well on the chicken and it is an interesting flavor profile. 

The chicken was freshly fried and even smothered in sauce, it was still very crispy.  The meat was juicy.  The roll was very stale.


Slappy's Chicken


The side dishes I had were far from exciting and both mostly likely spent part of their life living in a can.  The potato salad that I saw on another table may be a better choice.  Not much to say about Greens and beans. Nothing bad, nothing spectacular or original.


Overall, this is a dive that has an interesting twist on fried chicken (think of Diners Drive-ins and Dives).  If you like spicy you will most likely enjoy the chicken.  If you do not, get the sauce on the side and try a small bit.  It would be nice if the sides had a more creative twist and another meat choice.  If you are in the neighborhood it is worth a visit for lunch or a quick meal as they do serve an interesting twist on chicken.
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