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Apple China -Casual Restaurant

Food           ★★★★☆                   
Ambiance    ★☆☆☆☆
Service        ★☆☆☆☆
Creativity     ★★
Value           ★★
meal for 2 $30-40 plus drinks 
No Alcohol, very limited drinks
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label Local business type:  Restaurant
info Name: Apple China
comment Description: Authentic Chinese Food in a food court by Super G Mart
attach_money Price range: $$
flag Cuisine: Chinese
location_on Address: 4925 W Market St | Greensboro | NC 27407 | USA
phone Telephone: 336-235-2422

This is a strange little restaurant that most would pass by and not give them a try.  The reason.  It is located in a food court in a strange building that is mostly vacant and rarely has many people in it.

Apple China Restaurant

Make the trip.  Go in and try them.  Without a doubt, this is the one of the best Chinese food in the area.  There are 2 menus.  One is more Chinese and one is more American.  Do yourself a favor and get something off the Chinese menu.  Wow.  Fantastic Food.

The restaurant is fairly sparse and it has just the very basic tables.  There have been several restaurants that were very interesting that came and went....  A Filipino Restaurant.. gone.  A Salvadorian restaurant... gone.  Now it has two Chinese restaurants side by side.

Inside Apple China

Apple China Greensboro Food Court



The only downside is that they have very few drink choices.  Soda, water, and tea. Very little service,  you place your order at the counter and you sit down and they will bring your meal to the table.   There is no  ambiance.  However, they have great food at very reasonable prices.  Some of the best Chinese Food I have had in the USA is at Apple China.  It is that good.


For this meal, we started with Hot and Sour soup.  Apple Chinas Hot and Sour Soup was made fresh.  We heard them wisking in the egg just before it was served to us piping hot.  Many of the local restaurants have the soup pre-made in an urn and they scoop it into a bowl and it is served luke warm.... Not at Apple China.  My other pet peeve is Hot and Sour Soup should be Hot, slightly sour, have a good pork broth.  Pretty simple, right.  So why do so many restaurants get it wrong?  some make it red and sweet and other chicken broths and all miss the hot part.  There should be a strong white pepper flavor with a hint of red pepper.  

Apple China Hot and Sour Soup

Apple China hit it right on all aspects.  This is the best Hot and Sour soup I have had in the USA!  The serving is larger than most other restaurants too.

 Next, we had Apple China's Spare Ribs Fuzhou Style.  This is one of many dishes served at Apple China that you do not see at other local restaurants.  Fuzhou cuisine is one of the 4 subsets of Fujian (providence of China, not the island), which is  one of the Eight great traditions of Chinese cuisine.  Fuzhou cuisine is lighter and mixed with a sweet and sour taste.    Apple China's Spare Ribs Fuzhou style definitely fit the description.  The ribs were freshly deep fried and they were served will still very crispy.  The sauce with slightly sour and sweet (nothing like sweet and sour sauce!) and this was tossed with the ribs and potatoes and topped with scallions  Excellent dish!

Apple China Spare Ribs Fuzhou


There are many dishes on Apple Chinas menu that I have not seen at local restaurants that I must try.  Braised beef tendons. Spicy beef Tendons, Salt and pepper Squid, Chong Qing Chicken and so much more.  We will be coming back on a regular basis.  You should too. your social media marketing partner