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Food ★★★★★
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meal for 2 $25 -40 
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info Name: Captain Chen's Gourmet Chinese
flag Cuisine: Chinese
location_on Address: 3709 Battleground Ave | Greensboro | NC 27410 | USA
phone Telephone: 336-340-9475


Update Feb 28 2018

Captain Chen's Gourmet China is still the only REAL Chinese restaurant in the area and the food is still fantastic.  The only change is Captain Chen's Gourmet China now have a small "American Style Chinese" menu.  This menu contains a few dishes that the less adventurous American may want to try.  Upon seeing the sign, I had to ask "so, "Lo Mein is not eaten in China?"  They then informed me that Lo Mein is NOT a common dish in most regions of China and that  if you did happen to find it in the southern regions of China it would be different from what we are served here.  The rest of the items on the small American Style menu did not surprise me.  Now you can go get real Chinese and you can bring a less adventurous / non-foodie friend and you will both be happy.

 Captain Chens Real Chinese


The dish I had today was Captain Chen's Sweet and Sour Ribs.  This sweet and sour is NOTHING like the American version.  It is not a super sweet sticky red goo.  Captain Chen's sweet and Sour ribs were in a well balanced and not overly sweet sauce.  Really GOOD!

Captain Chen's sweet and sour ribs

I have been back to Captain Chen's at least 8 times since the original review.  They have never disappointed.  



Original Review from  Febuary 2016

Captain Chen's Gourmet China Restaurant is the only real Chinese Restaurant in Greensboro.  All other Chinese Restaurants in the Triad are American Chinese and most local Chinese Restaurants are very poor versions of American Chinese.  

Captain Chen's has a very strong Asian following and on many nights, the clients will be close to 100% Asian.  It can be crowded.

My gripe with our local Chinese restaurants  is that they are all the same and not in a good way.  Same format. Same menu.  Same flavors.  It seems as if a local Chinese distributor recommends the menu, the layout and even the cheesy pictures of the food on the walls.  All of the sauces taste the same and most likely are premade sauce that comes out of a can.  Whoever is making the recommendations to the local restaurants should not be listened to.  The quality of local Chinese Food is poor.

Captain Chen's is TOTALLY different.  

There is nothing on the menu that is  found at other Chinese restaurants in the area.  

Differences:   No  Hot and Sour Soup, no egg drop or wonton soup.  No General Tso, chow mein, Kung po.  

There is nothing on Captain Chen's menu that is found on the other local Chinese Menus.  For me this is wonderful.  For others, this may push you outside your comfort zone.  I suggest you go and venture a bit outside you food comfort zone and experience new flavors.  Captain Chen's is the place to try this!

Finding Captain Chen's Gourmet China Restaurant is not that easy the first time.  I have driven past it hundreds of times and I did not even know it existed.  Captain Chen's Gourmet China Restaurant is located in the old Mr. Wonton on the corner of Battleground and New Garden.  The Mr. Wonton signs are still up.

Captain Chen's Gourmet Restaurant in Greensboro
Captain Chen's Gourmet Restaurant


Then to top it off, the main sign is "Go. China"  Once you get past the sign issues, it is easy to find.  It has plenty of parking and it is worth looking for!

Captain Chen's Gourmet Restaurant  in Greensboro The interior of Captain Chen's is pleasant.  It is a smaller restaurant with 3 large tables in the center for larger groups and tables for 4 on both sides.  The interior is clean with a pretty standard Chinese motif.  

The interior of Captain Chen's is pleasant.  It is a smaller restaurant with 3 large tables in the center for larger groups and tables for 4 on both sides.  The interior is clean with a pretty standard Chinese motif.  

 Captain Chen's Gourmet Restaurant  

The pictures show and empty restaurant.  Do not expect the restaurant to be empty.  This was an early lunch...  During dinner, this place is very busy and on one night they had a 45-minute wait.  It is VERY POPULAR with the local Asian population.

The first Dish I had here was the Crispy Spare Ribs.

Captain Chen's Crispy Ribs were fantastic.  Must Chinese ribs are under-cooked in a flavorless red sauce.  Captain Chen's ribs are tender with a garlic ginger flavor and then they are flash fried to make the exterior crispy.  Delicious.

Captain Chen's Gourmet Restaurant Crispy Ribs

After tasting the fantastic Ribs, we had Captain Chen's Gourmet's Twice Cooked Pork Belly.  This dish was even better.  Fantastic flavors, nothing like I have every had at a local Chinese Restaurant.  I wanted to dig into this dish and I forgot to take a photo!  The food was so fantastic during this visit and I wanted to try so much more that I tried going back 3 times.  Once on a Tuesday and they are closed on Tuesday.  Another night it was so busy, they had a 45-minute wait....   But I did make it back and I tried the Chongqing Chicken.  This dish will scare off many people when you see the photo!  Trust me it is not that spicy.  Chongqing Chicken is a dish of marinated chicken (bone in chicken,diced) that is marinated and cooked with LOTS of red chili peppers.  There are more dried chili peppers than chicken.  The peppers are there for flavor and presentation.  You do not eat them.  This is a dish that is almost impossible to eat with a fork.  Chop Sticks work much better at pulling on the small crispy chunks of chicken.   This dish may be a bit intimidating at first.  It is NOT that spicy.  Try it as it has fantastic flavor and is a dish that you will probably never see at an American Chinese Restaurant. 

Captain Chen's Gourmet Restaurant Chongqing Chicken

Captain Chen's Gourmet China Restaurant is a very refreshing change from the very bland and boring local Chinese Restaurants.  There are lots of things to try that will be outside of you comfort zone.  I suggest trying some of these and experience a different culture through their food. I highly recommend Capt Chen's! your social media marketing partner