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Full Kee - Intermediate Fine Dining

Food           ★★★      
Ambiance    ★★★★☆
Service        ★★☆☆☆
Creativity     ★★★☆ 
Value           ★★★
meal for 2 $30 -40 plus drinks
Update 12/26/2018
Full Kee has changed ownership about a month ago.
Many years ago under former ownership, this was one of my favorite Chinese Restaurants in the area.  It was more of a Washington, DC to New York style Chinese restaurant.  Much higher quality food in a sit down slightly upscale atmosphere.
Over the years it went downhill a bit.  The interior needed a refreshing but the food was typically good or I should say much better than the average Chinese in the Triad.
Chinese food is fair to poor at best in the Triad.  Most are cheap carryouts where low prices and quantity is more important than quality.  Full Kee was one of the few shining lights in the Chinese Restaurant scene in the area.  There are one or two sit down Chinese Restaurants that serve American Style Chinese and 2 very authentic real Chinese restaurants in the Triad. So needless to say, there is a need for good sitdown high-quality Chinese Restaurants in our area. We are over saturated with cheap carry out Chinese.
Since the ownership has changed, and I only have had one meal here and that was during the busy holiday season, I will not give a full review yet.  The menu was basically the same with a few changes, the prices seemed to be a bit lower, but I am unsure if they are going to follow a quantity over quality philosophy or a quality first philosophy.    I am hoping the new owners dress the interior and shoot for high-quality Chinese food over what is normally served in our area. your social media marketing partner