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Hometown Delicious

Casual Food Dining

Food           ★★★
Ambiance    ★★
Creativity     ★★★★
Value           ★★★★

$25-40 meal for 2 with soft drink (no alcohol yet wait for license)

 Information card

 Local business type:  Restaurant
 Name: Hometown Delicous
 Description: Real Chinese Food
 Address: 5103 W Market St | Greensboro | NC 27409 | USA
 Telephone: (336) 763-2131


Real Chinese Food is not commonly found in the USA and most Chinese Restaurants in the Triad are terrible.  I have been let down by so many Chinese restaurants in our area that serve a sweet goopy sauce on a small pile of protein mixed with a pile onions.  This is not real Chinese food and it is even a poor example of American Chinese.  

 I was beyond excited to find a new Chinese Restaurant that has Real Authentic Chinese food and not the cheap imitation American style that is more common in our area.  This restaurant is Hometown Delicious!  Hometown Delicious serves real Chinese that is absolutely fantastic.  They are not joking about Real Chinese Taste.  If you are a foodie, this is a must visit gem in the Greensboro area.

Our visit was on their 8th day of being open and they really were well prepared and for a new restaurant, everything went smoothly and professionally.  The servers were friendly and helpful in making recommendations.  Dishes are cooked one at a time and are promptly brought out from the kitchen.  If you are not sharing dishes, be aware, your food is cooked and served fresh and is not sitting under a heat lamp.  If you are sharing dishes (and you should), this gives you the opportunity to sample each dish fresh from the kitchen.


Hometown Delicious Chinese 


The interior of the restaurant was well done. From the  beautiful floors to the artful lighting to the tasteful mural on the wall.  Everything was clean, modern and pleasing.  The restaurant is a smaller restaurant with about 14 tables with an open feel. The restaurant had a simple but very professional look to it.

Hometown Delicious Chinese


The menu had lots of authentic dishes that beg you to try.  Some may be too adventurous for the average diner, but there are plenty of things to try for those who are a bit exotic food shy.  Dishes include beef, pork, chicken and duck as well as pigs ears, pigs intestines, pigs feet, and other less common American dishes.  The last page has an American Style Chinese Menu.  If you are coming here I doubt you will be ordering off this menu.


We started off with Hometown Delicious Homemade Shredded Cabbage.  This was a simple garlic and cabbage dish with a few hot peppers and other spices that were a fantastic dish.  Nothing too exotic, but still very tasty.

Hometown delicious Chinese Cabbage


Next, we were served Hometown Delicious Fish Flavored Shredded Pork.  This dish is a perfect example of why I prefer real Chinese Food.  It is unlike anything you will get at other Chinese Restaurants in our area.  The dish hits several flavor points,  Savory, sour and salty.  There was not overpowering fish taste, but more of a background note.  The flavor was unique and delicious.  This is a must try dish.  

Hometown Delicious Fish Flavored Pork


The last dish we tried was Hometown Delicious Braised Chicken with Noodle.  This dish was HUGE and the price of $26 was an indicator that this was a dish for 2 or 3.  We ordered too much food, but it was worth it.  This dish was not served with noodles, but actually potatoes.  Not too concerned about the lack of noodles as it was our favorite dish of the evening.  It is fairly spicy so those who have a low heat tolerance, may want to avoid it and those who love the peppers must give it a try.  The flavor combination is very original, savory, spicy and aromatic.  Another wow dish. The chicken is cut up wings.  Lots of bone to give a great savory flavor. It is hard to describe the flavors as it has a complex flavor profile of ginger, peppers, garlic, star anise, cinnamon and other spices.  Great complex flavor!

Hometown Delicious Braised Chicken


I am so excited that Greensboro has a REAL Chinese Restaurant again after the closing of Captain Chen's.  This is a must visit for those who have never experienced the real flavors of China.  Once you experience the real thing you will never want to eat American style Chinese again. your social media marketing partner