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Noma Food & Co - Fast Food Restaurant

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meal for 2 $15 -20 plus drinks

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label Local business type:  Restaurant
info Name: Noam Food & Co
comment Description: Cafeteria Style Vietnamese and Thai Restaurant serving fresh food.
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flag Cuisine: Thai | Vietnamese
location_on Address: 2403 Battleground Ave | Greensboro | NC 27408 | USA
phone Telephone: 336-663-8464
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Noma Food & Co is a very small restaurant located on Battleground Ave (next door to Krispy Kreme).  They are a fast food restaurant that uses the Chipotle Style serving.  Place your order and the food is assembled in front of you in the next minute or two.  This is ideal for lunch where you have very limited time.  You get a freshly prepared meal served to you in a couple of minutes.

Noma Foods Restaurant

The menu at Noma Food & Co  is very limited.  Pho, curry and Banh Mi (Vietnamese Sandwiches), Bowls (Salad with meat) and Vietnamese Fresh Rolls.  Each can be customized with different meats and veggies etc.

Today I had the Red Curry with Chicken served over White Rice.  All of the dishes are served in paper bowls on pizza pans used as trays.

The curry was a very mild coconut milk style red curry.  It was not strong in curry or pepper.  It was served over your choice of rice, brown rice or noodles.  The Curry had chicken, sweet potato chunks, onion, and bamboo shoots. For those who like things spicier, there are peppers and pepper sauces located in the hallway to the right.  This was a bit  clumsy as this is where you  obtained you spoons, forks, napkins, straws and condiments and it is the same hallway that goes back to the bathroom.  There was not room for that much traffic.  Noma Foods is very small and there is not really a better place.  They may want to consider having the kitchen put flatware (plastic ware) and napkins on the platters to reduce traffic in the hallway.  This is a new restaurant so I am sure Noma Foods will figure things out.

Noma Foods and Co Red Curry with Chicken

Noma Foods & Co is a good lunch spot where you want a quick meal and you do not mind the limited menu. your social media marketing partner