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Thai Corner Kitchen - Casual Restaurant

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Creativity     ★★★★
Value           ★★★★★
meal for 2 $20-30 plus drinks
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info Name: Thai Corner Kitchen
comment Description: Best Thai food in Greensboro
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location_on Address: 2600 W Gate City Blvd | Greensboro | NC 27403 | USA
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We stumbled across this gem of a Thai Restaurant several years ago through Groupon.  Since then we visit on a regular basis and this is without a doubt our favorite Thai Restaurant.

I love Thai food and I have spent 3 weeks in Thailand experimenting with everything from street vendors to high-end restaurants.  The best food we found in Thailand were from very small restaurants and street vendors. Thai Corner Kitchen dishes are the closest thing to being in Thailand in our area.  The owner is your server and it is refreshing to see a small business where the owner is hands on to the degree he is.  This dedication of the owners is reflected in the fine quality of the food.

The outside of the building is nothing to look at.  It appears to be an ex-burger joint or some other fast food restaurant.  It still has the drive up window.  It may not look great from the outside, but trust me, venture in and experience their food.  You will not be disappointed.

Thai Corner Kitchen Restaurant  in Greensboro

Thai Corner Kitchen's Food

Crispy Kapow- freshly fried and crispy chicken tossed with bell peppers and a chili garlic sauce and crispy fried basil leaves.  This dish you rarely see at most Thai Restaurants in without a doubt this is one of Thai Corner Kitchens signature dishes.  It is a must try!.  Nice balance of sweet, savory, salty and hot.  The chicken is very crispy and this plays off well with the sauce and the crispy basil.Thai Corner Kitchen Crispy Kapok  in Greensboro



Imperial Pad Thai -  Classic dish with a mix of seafood

Chicken Larb - Ground chicken with a spicy lime, onion, cilantro and hot peppers

Papaya Salad -  Green Papaya slightly pounded to bruise the surface to allow the absorption of the spicy lime, garlic, fish sauce and pepper to absorb.  Thai Corner Kitchens version is a little sweet.  I would prefer it less sweet, but this is a fantastic dish everyone should try.

Fresh Rolls at Thai Corner Kitchen are very similar to Vietnamese Rolls.  Fresh iceberg lettuce, carrots, bean sprouts and shrimp wrapped and served with peanut sauce.  Add a little chili sauce to the peanut sauce and you have a winner.

Thai Corner Kitchen Fresh Rolls

 Thai Corner Kitchen has a nice menu of noodle soups.  I am always a sucker for good Tom Yum Soup and Thai Corner Kitchens Tom Yum is delicious, but the noodle soups are more of a meal.

Clear Noodle Soup.  Rice noodles, clear broth ground chicken and just the right amount of peppers and cilantro.  Yum.

Thai Corner Kitchen Clear Noodle Soup





Thai Corner Kitchen Pork BBQ.  This is one of our favorite dishes.  Perfectly marinated and grilled pork with a wonderful dipping sauce.  The dipping sauce is the Thai sauce consisting of fish sauce, cilantro, Spring Onions, Lime Juice, and chilis.  

Thai Corner Kitchen Pork BBQ

Thai Pork BBQ


Thai Corner Kitchen Wild Chicken.  This is a great example of a chef being creative.  This is not a dish you see at every Thai restaurant. It is a Thai inspired dish that is original and they did a great job.  The sauce had a lot going on.  Slightly sweet, but balanced with many other flavors.  It had hints of curry, lime and some jalapeno's to add a little spice.

Thai Corner Kitchen Wild Chicken

Wild Chicken


Mushroom and Ginger Chicken

Thai Corner Kitchen Mushroom and Ginger Chicken
Mushroom and Ginger Chicken


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