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Van Loi 2 Vietnamese And Chinese BBQ - Casual Restaurant

Food           ★★★★★                   
Ambiance    ★★★
Service        ★★★
Creativity     ★★★★★
Value           ★★★★★
meal for 2 $20-30 plus drinks 
Full Bar
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label Local business type:  Restaurant
info Name: Van Loi II Vietnamese Restaurant
comment Description: Vietnamese and Chinese BBQ. As close to Vietnam you will get in Greensboro.
attach_money Price range: $$
flag Cuisine: Chinese | Vietnamese
location_on Address: 4703-4705 W Gate City Blvd | Greensboro | NC 27407 | USA
phone Telephone: 336-855-5688

Van Loi 2 Vietnamese and Chinese BBQ.  One word.  Authentic.  This is about as close to being in Asia as you are going to get in Greensboro!  If you are adventurous in food Van Loi is a MUST visit Restaurant.

Van Loi Vietnamese Restaurant




 There is plenty of for the ultra-adventurous as well as the meek to order.  Basic Pho for the less adventurous to some very nontypical meals those who like to explore the world's flavors.  I felt as if I was at a small restaurant in Asia when I explored this menu!  Please don't let the Chef's Specials scare you.   There is plenty of more close in choices for you.  

Van Loi Vietnamese Restaurant




This was our third visit and each time we tried to get the Pork BBQ.  The past 2 visits they were sold out.  Tonight, we got the last plate.  It turns out this dish typically sells out by 2-3PM.  If you want the pork BBQ, come early.  Tonight we lucked out.  The pork BBQ was delicious and it is a must eat if you can get there early enough.

Van Loi Vietnamese pork BBQ     


 The next dish was  the Pork in a lay pot (I think they meant clay pot).  No other description.  This is the type of dish you would skip over as it had no description of the meal.  It turns out it is fantastic.  I am not sure exactly what was in it, but my best guess is sizzling hot pork in a clay pot with a sauce that is a caramelized sugar, onion, scallion garlic base which a fish sauce is added and it is reduced.  There was a good hint of pepper as the heat would slowly build over several mouthfuls.   The first bite was intense.  Lots of flavor.

Van Loi Restaurantt pork in a clay pot




We also had a Pho.  Childs size.  This is enough for 2!  I had enough, so I did not even taste the Pho. I was told this was the best she has had in Greensboro.


Van Loi II Restaurant PhoVan Loi II Restaurant Pho          


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