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Best Restaurants Greensboro, NC

I am not sure if this list should be labeled Great Restaurants or the Best.  It is difficult to eat at every restaurant and then a restaurant may change.  What was the best restaurant last year may be  less so this year?  However, I think the best term is Great restaurants.  While a great restaurant may improve or lose its edge, the term great does not imply that there is not a better restaurant in the area.

What makes a restaurant Great or to make it on this Best Restaurant list will vary but they must excel in several of the factors below:

Food Quality - The best will have fresh fantastic food served hot.

Food Creativity- The best will be more creative.  Is the recipe different than others? Does this restaurant serve something different?

Service - The servers must be professional and should offer top notch service.

Ambiance - The restaurant must NOT be a dive.

Cleanliness-  It must be pleasant to sit in and it MUST be clean.


These are the best restaurants we have visited so far in the Greensboro area.  I am confident there are more great places to eat in Greensboro and we will eventually visit those too!

This list is NOT in a particular order each restaurant has its own great traits  and each deserves to be on this list due to great consistent food and great service.  Not all are reviewed on this site yet, but I have eaten at each and some on many occasions.  I think you will be happy to eat at any of these Best Restaurants in the area.

Fine Dining 


The Marisol is a Fine Dining Restaurant that should be added to everyones list.  It is not cheap, but the food and service are top notch.  I have dined here about 4 times and I have never had a bad experience.  

Print Works Bistro

Print Works Bistro is a very consistantly great restaurant.  I have dined here about a dozen times over the years and they are consistently great.  The food, decor and service is consistently good.  Out of all my visits, I have only had one dish that I felt was subpar.  Print Works is perfect for business dinners to date nights.  


I have only had a chance to dine at Osterias three times now and two meals were excellent and one was not up to their standards.  Osteria is an Italian restaurant with more of the NJ style.  All of the dishes are Italian inspired and you will find many of the traditional Italian dishes missing from the menu.  However, expect to see Italian dishes that you DO NOT see elsewhere in the Triad.  The restaurant is small with perfect service. When I visited they only have 1-2 seatings per evening.  I recommend the main dishes over the pastas.  


Mark's Restaurant

Mark's Restaurant is located in an older home off of Friendly Ave.  The atmosphere is perfect for date night with a Cuban Inspired art theme.  The food and service are excellent with a heavily French inspired menu.  Plenty of creative dishes to choose from and the food is fantastic.

Table 16

I have not dined at Table 16 for too many years to be included in my reviews, as I like to be somewhat current.  However, the last meal was fantastic and I should go back!  The menu is very creative with an interesting international / Fusion influence.  

1618 Seafood Grill

I have dined at 1618 Seafood Grill about a half a dozen times.  This is the top seafood restaurant in the Greensboro area.  If your idea of great seafood is fried or plain steamed... Don't Go.  If you idea of great seafood is pan seared fish with internationally / Fusion inspired preparation and other creative seafood dishes, than this is your place.  1618 Seafood Grill can get busy and the noise level is a bit high due to the crowds.  However, if a restaurant has great food, you should expect a crowd.

Green Valley Grill



Good Restaurants at Great Prices (food and service not at the fine dining level though)

   Lucky 32

Lucky 32 has great upscale southern inspired food.

    Bistro B's

Bistro B's -  This is one of my go to restaurants if I want a good meal.  I have dined here over a dozen time and the food is consistently good.  It is small plate / tapas style, so don't expect all dishes to come out at once.  Tapas should be served hot and should be shared.  They have been getting better over the years at getting individual entrees served at the same time, but it is a tapas restaurant.  When you see others write bad reviews about the service, I am confident this is the issue.  In all of my visits I have only had a dish or 2 that I was not found of.  If you go, try the beef carpacccio, it is one of the best I have ever had.

    Chef Samir Shaltout

Chef Samir Shaltout is an upscale Egyptian restaurant.  The food is very similar to Indian food, but it is prepared by the Chef and owner Chef Samir Shaltout.  Service is good, but not great as you would expect in a best of list, but the atmosphere and food makes it worthwhile

    Gia. Eat Drink Listen

Unique food.  Unique atmosphere.  

    Captain Chen's Gourmet Chinese Restaurant (a must try!)

Captain Chen's is NOT an upscale restaurant.  However, it is a very authentic style of Chinese that you rarely see in the USA.  Do not expect to see familiar dishes.  Go and be adventuous and experience authentic Chongqing cuisine.  The food is unique and spicy.





































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