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Best Restaurants Winston-Salem, NC

I am not sure if this list should be labeled Great Restaurants or the Best.  It is difficult to eat at every restaurant and then a restaurant may change.  What was the best restaurant last year may be less so this year?  However, I think the best term is Great restaurants.  While a great restaurant may improve or lose its edge, the term great does not imply that there is not a better restaurant in the area.

What makes a restaurant Great or to make it on this Best Restaurant list will vary but they must excel in several of the factors below:

Food Quality - The best will have fresh fantastic food served hot.

Food Creativity- The best will be more creative.  Is the recipe different than others? Does this restaurant serve something different?

Service - The servers must be professional and should offer top notch service.

Ambiance - The restaurant must NOT be a dive.

Cleanliness-  It must be pleasant to sit in and it MUST be clean.


These are the best restaurants we have visited so far in the Winston-Salem area.  I do not dine in Winston-Salem as much due to my proximity to Greensboro.  However, I do plan to visit Winston-Salem more often.

This list is NOT in a particular order each restaurant has its own great traits and each deserves to be on this list due to great consistent food and great service.  Not all are reviewed on this site yet, but I have eaten at each and some on many occasions.  I think you will be happy to eat at any of these Best Restaurants in the area.

Fine Dining 

Spring House

Spring House Restaurant is one of the top restaurants in the Triad.  I have dined here 3 times and each experience was fantastic.  The menu is extremely creative and the food is fantastic.  The service was fantastic every time.  The location is in a historic mansion and the atmosphere is perfect for date nights to business meals.  Each room has a slightly different feel.


Bernardin's has been our go to Fine Dining Restaurant in Winston-Salem for about 5 years.  I have not dined recently, so it is not included in my reviews, but it will be! Bernardins is located in a historic house on the end of 4th street "restaurant row"  Dining areas are split up into small rooms and Bernardin's has a wonderful outdoor patio for spring to fall outdoor dining.  The small rooms make a very cozy and normally quiet dining experience.  However, on one occasion our dining roommates were a bit loud.  The atmosphere is perfect for everything from date nights to business meals.  Everything from the service to the french inspired / fusion food is wonderful.


The owner and chef of Fabians died in 2012 and the restaurant was temporarily closed.  It has reopened with Jonathan Walker as the chef.  I have not been since it has reopened, but I am including it in this list due to its fine reputation in the past.


Good Restaurants at Great Prices (food and service not at the fine dining level though)

Willows Bistro

Located in Historic Brookstone area of Winston-Salem, Willows Bistro has an interesting farm to fork style restaurant.  Willows Bistro has a very creative flair that goes from its choice of artwork to its menu.  Food is very good and the service is adequate.

Mozelle's Fresh Southern Bistro

Mozelle's Fresh Southern Bistro is a more casual restaurant located at the end of Fouth Streets "restaurant row" in downtown Winston-Salem.  The restaurant is smaller and very popular.  Make reservations if you want to go.  The food is southern inspired and very creative. 
Cin Cin   Incredible Burgers  
 Quiet Pint - great cheap dive pub.  Creative food your social media marketing partner