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MJ's Steak and Seafood - Intermediate Fine Dining  Restaurants

Food           ★★★★☆         
Ambiance    ★★★★★
Service       ★★★★★
Creativity    ★★★★☆
Value          ★★★★☆
meal for 2 $35-45 plus drinks
 Good wine and beer menus

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info Name: MJ's Steak and Seafood
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flag Cuisine: Contemporary | Continental | Seafood | Steakhouse
location_on Address: 620 Dolley Madison Rd | Greensboro | NC 27410 | USA
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Tonight we ventured out to satisfy a craving for a steak and we choose MJ's Steak and Seafood.  We have visited MJ's a while back and it has been some time since our last visit.

MJ's Steak and Seafood is  located in a somewhat historic looking house with dining in comfortable smaller rooms.  The smaller room size made things cozier and a with a much lower noise level than the more commonly seen large restaurants.  This is ideal where you want to have a conversation and to actually be able to hear the person across from you.  However, this location also limits parking.  The lot is fairly tight and there is a possibility you may need to park across the street.

The service at MJ's Steak and Seafood is 100% professional. The server did exactly what is expected of what you would expect in a fine dining establishment.  Knowledgeable of the food, courteous, there when you need them without hovering.  They did a great job.

The food is not what you would expect from the  name of the restaurant.  When I see Steak and Seafood in the name I am expecting a restaurant that has great cuts of beef in many styles that are grilled at extremely high temperatures and a good selection of various seafood.  Well, MJ's has a small selection of steaks cooked more in the French Sous Vide style (low temperature cooking) with sauces.  Your choice is the Bistro Steak  with a Diane Sauce and Filet Medallions with a red wine reduction.  They also had Salmon,  Crab Cakes, Shrimp and Grits, Scallops, Fish of the day, Catfish  which represented the Fish part of their name well.  However, the steak part is underrepresented and it is cooked Sous Vide style, not high temperature grilled.  Sous Vide produces an interesting steak.  It will be very evenly cooked and very tender and it will be browned by some means and it will need a sauce to give it a more finished flavor as it will not have the chargrilled /  Maillard browning notes that are obtained from high-temperature cooking.  MJ's Steaks are more French Continental style than what I would call steak house style.    I enjoy both styles of cooking but if you are expecting a steakhouse style steak, you may be disappointed.

 I feel MJ's would be a more appropriate name as it is a fusion of Continental cooking and Southern Cooking.  MJ's Steak and Seafood has a very interesting menu, but it is  not a steak house.

Tonight I had MJ's Steak and Seafood's 6 Hour Braised Short Ribs with Mashed Potatoes, zucchini in a mushroom reduction sauce.  The photograph below does not do the dish justice.  The lighting in the restaurant is somewhat dark (not annoying dark) and I do not use a flash as I really find that obnoxious.  The short ribs are the boneless style cooked to extreme tenderness with lots of the beefy flavor you would expect in a short rib.  The mushrooms reduction sauce was an excellent accompaniment to the ribs.  Excellent well balance flavor that matched well with the beef.  This was served over a perfect mashed potatoes. MJ's mashed potatoes were extremely creamy and moist.

MJ's Steak and Seafood Short Ribs
MJ's Steak and Seafood Short Ribs

We also had the Bistro Strip with  the lobster mashed potatoes instead of the truffle fries.  The steak was topped with a Diane Sauce. The Bistro Strip had the characteristics of a Sous Vide steak.  It had a very consistent core of medium with only a thin layer of brown on the surface.  The steak was incredibly tender.  It came pre-sliced with a Diane Sauce and with the mashed potatoes  on the side .  The Diane sauce typically has mushrooms, onion, lemon, Worcestershire, butter, and sherry.  The Diane Sauce at MJ's had another note in the background that added character but was a bit harsh.  Once again. The potatoes were perfect.

MJ's Steak and Seafood Bistro Strip
MJ's Steak and Seafood Bistro Strip


This night our appetite was not strong and we skipped the appetizers.  There are several things on the appetizer menu that looked very appealing and we will be back to try many of these dishes.  Overall MJ's Steak and Seafood should be added to your list of restaurants to visit.  Think of them as MJ's and leave off the steak and seafood and you will be very pleased with the ambiance, the service, and the food.  Just don't expect steak house style steaks and you get an upscale restaurant at very reasonable prices. your social media marketing partner