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Spring House Restaurant - Class  Fine Dining

Food           ★★★★★        
Ambiance    ★★★★★
Service        ★★★★★
Creativity     ★★★★★ 
Value           ★★★★★
meal for 2 $60-90 plus drinks
Caution.  Name brand drinks may cost up to $20 per drink.
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info Name: Spring House Restaurant
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flag Cuisine: American | Contemporary | Continental
location_on Address: 450 N Spring St | Winston-Salem | NC 27101 | USA
phone Telephone: 336-293-4797
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** update**

During our second visit we had some more amazing food. I still stand by my feelings that this is one of the best restaurants in the Triad.  However:

Please be aware if you order a premium drink you may be charged $20 per drink.  Our table ordered 3 Bourbons with Knob Creek.  This is expensive bourbon at around $40 per bottle.  We were charged $20 per drink.  I understand a markup, but this is beyond reason and I think everyone needs to be aware of this.


**original review**

I think I have a new favorite.  Spring House Restaurant had the most creative menu I have seen yet in the Triad.  Strong Asian, Caribbean, Classical French and Southern all thrown in to create some fantastic dishes.  I had a hard time to decide what to order.  You need to visit Spring House's website and look at what is on their menu.  If you like creative food, you will love Spring House's Menu!

Spring House Restaurant is located on Mansion row between 4th and 5th St in Winston-Salem.  Of course in a historic Mansion.  The interior has lots of history and it is worthwhile to take a peek upstairs  as you can learn a bit about the history of this building.  Being in an old mansion, each room will have its own flavor.  We were seated in the sunroom which had Raton chairs which did not represent this fine restaurant well.  This is definitely an upscale restaurant with fantastic service and food in a very classical yet modern environment.  The staff are all extremely professional, yet they are in jeans.    I like this comfortable without being stuffy.  


We were seated in the sunroom which was not my favorite due to the Raton chairs..... The other rooms were much more appropriate for the class of restaurant that  the Spring House is.

Spring House Restaurant



I started off with the General Tso's Sweet Breads.  Spring House Restaurant is off the chart on creativity with this dish.  Classic dish made in Chinese style of General Tso.  The sweetbreads were lightly and  perfectly fried served over a toastini with General Tso's sauce. Spring Houses General Tso's sauce is much better than that which is served in any Chinese Restaurant in the area.  Perfect dish.  Wow, Spring House has a winner with this dish.

Spring House General Tso Sweet Breads

General Tso's Sweetbreads


I had a hard time deciding on what to choose for the main course.  There were too many creative dishes that I wanted to try.. I guess I have to come back.  

Final decision Spring House's Southern Hot Pot.  Asian inspired dish with strong southern ties.  Well caramelized pork belly, short ribs and shrimp over noodles with a sherry garlic ginger broth, topped with greens.  Add a bit of Hoisin Sauce a spoon of Miso Aioli Drizzle and a side of Spring Houses Purgatory Pepper Elixir (Carolina Reaper Pepper Sauce).   For those that have never had Carolina Reapers,  these are the peppers that hold the current status of the world's hottest pepper.  No worries here, it is served on the side.

The pork belly was perfect.  I would have preferred the short rib and the shrimp to have been seared a bit to give some brown caramelization notes.  Otherwise, this was a fantastic dish with lots of flavors.  Great combination.

Spring House Southern Hot Pot

Spring House Southern Hot Pot


Spring Houses service was perfect.  


My only criticism was the room we were in.  The sunroom was probably my least favorite room in the restaurant.  Raton chairs did not do much for the room and the table was too close to the wait staff station and the room was a bit loud.  We did explore around the restaurant and the other rooms looked much better.


Overall this was a great experience and Spring House is on top of my list of best restaurants in the area. your social media marketing partner