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Marie's African Cuisine

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info Name: Marie's African Cuisine
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location_on Address: 4631 W Market St | Greensboro | NC 27407 | USA
phone Telephone: 336-541-2498

Marie's opened around the beginning of March of 2016, so the restaurant is new and still working things out.  It is located in an older stand-alone restaurant that appeared to be a fast food restaurant many years ago.  They have their own parking lot.  It is located on West Market across from the Harris Teeter a block east of Spring Garden at the stop light.

Marie's African Cuisine Exterior

Africa is a large continent with MANY styles of cooking.  Marie's is West African and represents the foods from Ghana, Togo, Niger, Nigeria, Ivory Coast and other countries in this area.  Marie is from Niger and her cooking will have a slight French flair. The foods  of West Africa are very distinctive with many items that you may be unfamiliar with such as Fufu (boiled plantain and cassava dough - potato like). Unfamiliarly is good,  try something new and you will most likely have a new style of food that you enjoy.  Be warned west African hot sauces are hot, their hot sauce will be made with lots of habanero peppers and they do have a kick.  

The decor of Marie's African Cuisine  is nothing special.  Older basic wooden tables with a few pictures on the wall.   The restaurant is clean but it just looks a bit dated.  Food is served on disposable foam plates with plastic forks.  

 You don't come here for the ambiance, you come to Marie's for the food and the EXTREMELY friendly owners and staff.  They are very welcoming and seem to genuinely want you to enjoy your meal.

Marie's African Restaurant

 Tonight we had Marie's African Cuisine 

 Sauce de Queue de Bœuf or Oxtail stew. I choose it to be served with fufu.  The oxtail was extremely tender and flavorful. It was cooked in a basic beef sauce that was full of brown notes and very beefy.  The fufu was moist and soft with the right amount of gel.  For those that have never had fufu, it is somewhat like a  creamy mashed potato with more body.  Fufu is VERY filling.  The only negative is the sauce was a bit salty, but otherwise very good.

Marie's African Cuisine Oxtail


We also had Marie's  Poulet Frit or Fried chicken garnished with onions, green bell peppers, mustard, mayo, and fresh habanero peppers.  We had this served with a side of Plantains.  The chicken was freshly fried and it had very good seasoning with a large portion of fried plantains that were also fresh out of the fryer.  Be warned the habanero sauce is very hot.  If you do not like hot, don't dip :)

Marie's African Cuisine Fried Chicken


The food at Marie's African Cuisine was excellent.  Freshly prepared and served.  Everything was piping hot.  Everything had great flavors.


The staff is extremely friendly and makes your visit very pleasant.  We will be coming back!


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