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Taste of Ethiopia - Casual Restaurant

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meal for 2 $40-50 plus drinks (beer and wine)
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info Name: Taste of Ethiopia
comment Description: Ethiopian Food In Greensboro.
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flag Cuisine: African | Ethiopian
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location_on Address: 106 N Westgate Dr | Greensboro | NC 27407 | USA
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Ethiopian Food is a unique style of cooking and serving food.  Forks and spoons are not used, instead, you break off a piece of injera and scoop the food with the injera.  Injera is a crepe like flat bread used to eat Ethiopian food.  Injera is eaten with most Ethiopian foods and it is the single most common stable in Ethiopian cuisine similar to what rice is to Asia Food. Injera is primarily made out of teff or tef flour.  Unique to Ethiopia, injera is not eaten as a staple part of a diet in any other country. It has a slightly sour taste. It takes about two to three days to prepare and is mixed with yeast and flour then fermented. It is cooked on a hot flat surface on one side only as a pancake type mix.


Another common ingredient in Ethiopian food is Berbere.  Berbere is made with  hot red peppers blended with  ginger, cardamom, coriander, fenugreek, onion, and garlic and other spices. Berbere is a key ingredient in Ethiopian cuisine.

The dishes look small, but the  presentation is deceiving.  There is plenty to fill even the larger of appetites.  The injera combined with the stews will fill you up and the food is excellent.  Several of the dishes can be fairly spicy, but they will modify the heat level to your liking

The Restaurant is off the main road and has plenty of parking right next door.  The interior looks like a doctors office.  Bright lights and yellow walls.  A small amount of interior design work and the ambiance could be improved considerably.   But don't let this stop you from trying a very interesting cuisine at a very interesting restaurant

.Taste of Ethiopia Restaurant



Taste of Ethiopia Restaurant

Taste of Ethiopia Restaurant



Taste of Ethiopian's Kay Sega Wo with a side of green lentils

 Prime beef cubes marinated first in red wine braised in Ethiopia’s berbere.

 The word Wot in Ethiopian means a stew, and the basic spice mixture used in almost all stews are BERBERE. The stews always served with INJERA (flatbread).   The Wot at Taste of Ethiopia is slightly spicy with an excellent flavor profile that is not typical of foods found in America.

Taste of Ethiopian's Kay Sega Wo


Taste of Ethiopia's YEBEG TIBS 

Cubed tender lamb sautéed with onion, rosemary, tomato, jalapeño pepper, served with salad and spicy awaze sauce on the side.  This dish is one of the more spicy dishes at Taste of Ethiopia, and you may or may not wish to have them tone the spice level down for your liking. 


Taste of Ethiopia's YEBEG TIBS 

 If you have never had Ethiopian Food you should consider the combination plate that has a little bit of many of the dishes. This is a great way to be introduced to this fantastic food. your social media marketing partner