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Chinese Kitchen and Asian Cuisine

Casual Restaurant

Food           ★★★
Ambiance    ★★★
Service        ★★★
Creativity     ★★★
Value           ★★

$15-25 meal for 2 plus drinks 



This was our first visit to the Chinese Kitchen and Asian Cuisine which is located in a small shopping center off of Dolly Madison.  It is not on W. Friendly, which is the address on their website.  It can be a bit hard to find as the center can not be seen from Dolly Madison.  The wrong address mixed with the location that can not be seen from the road can make this a bit challenging to find.  The original location was on Friendly, but they moved several years ago.  Once you know where it is, it is easy to find.  If you happen to know where Tara Thai is located, it is in the same center.

Chinese Kitchen and Asian Cuisine


The Restaurant was empty for a weekend night that we visited.  The interior was pleasant and very clean, it was obviously remodeled recently and most things had a new feel.  The coverings on the booth benches were the only thing that looked a bit weathered.  It was pleasant to find another Chinese Restaurant in the Triad that has table service in a normal sit down restaurant.  

 For whatever reason, there is a lack of full-service Chinese restaurants in our area.  The decor is pleasing and there is a large attractive bar with an old unused sushi bar at the end.

Interior of Chinese Kitchen and Asian Cuisine


They have a decent menu with  the standard Chinese dishes  as well as about a dozen Thai dishes under an Indo-Chinese menu.  The prices were all very reasonable with a range of $9-$12.

I ordered the Shrimp and Garlic sauce.  I am a fan of spicy food and made sure the server knew I wanted it spicy.  Typically when I do this in a Chinese restaurant, the dish will come out mild.  This was not the case at Chinese Kitchen and Asian Cuisine!  The server even asked if I wanted a side of chili sauce!  The dish came out hot and it had a decent spicy kick.  Typically I would use the side of chili but it was not needed as the kitchen did a fantastic job.  The Shrimp was fresh and had a nice deep fried batter and it was covered in a tangy garlic pepper sauce. The serving was a decent sized and it had a fair amount of shrimp and it was not loaded down with cheap onions as many other restaurants do in the area.  To top it off the price was decent!


Chinese Kitchen Garlic Shrimp


We also had the pepper Beef Combination Platter.


This dish had tender high quality beef stirred fried with onions, green peppers and a bit of carrot in a savory sauce.  It was served with an egg roll, fried rice and soup for all under $8.  Really a good deal and it was good.

Chinese Kitchen Pepper Steak Combination


Chinese Kitchen did a decent job.  Clean, pleasant looking restaurant with good service serving great Chinese Food at great prices.  The quality of the food reminds me of the many great Chinese Restaurants in the North East area of the USA.  The Triad is really lacking in this style of food and Chinese Kitchen and Asian Cuisine fills the gap nicely! your social media marketing partner