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Full Kee - Intermediate Fine Dining

Food           ★★★★★         
Ambiance    ★★★★☆
Service        ★★☆☆☆
Creativity     ★★★★☆ 
Value           ★★★★☆
meal for 2 $30 -40 plus drinks
Mixed drinks are $8.50 each

We have been dining at Full Kee in High Point on a regular basis for the past 7 years. George Yu and his wife Sherry always make you feel welcome and they do an excellent job with the food and the restaurant. George and his wife used to own a Chinese Restaurant in Washington, DC. After 9/11, they closed that restaurant due to the changes 9/11 had on DC.  Washington, DC is a VERY competitive restaurant area and the standard for Chinese Food is MUCH higher than it is here in the Triad.  The owners obviously learned a lot from being in the DC area as their restaurant is great. Full Kee is more on a standard of a high-end Chinese Restaurant in larger cities which is much higher than here in the Triad.

Without a doubt, Full Kee is the best Chinese Restaurant in the Triad.  The food is fantastic and the ambiance is great.  The restaurant is very pleasing to the eye.  The tables are set with decent flatware and plates.  The restaurant could use some touch-up paint on the walls, but overall the lighting, decor and design of the restaurant is very nice.

Full Kee is as close to a Chinese Fine dining restaurant as you are going to find in the Triad area.  They also have a few dishes you do not normally see and some are cooked very differently.

Full Kee Restaurant

The one area that is subpar is the service.  During this visit, we ordered 2 mixed drinks and about 5 minutes later we ordered 2 kinds of soup, dumplings, Mongolian Roast Pork and Lo Mein.  My soup was served first and about 4 minutes later Debby got her soup and the dumplings.  The drinks arrived after the dumplings.  We were about 1/2 way through our soups and the Lo Mein arrived.  Then about 3 minutes later the Mongolian Roast Pork arrived.  Then to top things off the waiter made the classic mistake of asking if someone was finished when she was still obviously still eating.  The service during this visit was very poor.  Typically the service is better, but today they hit a new low.


The Food today is a different story.  The soups at Full Kee are very good. A good soup starts with a good broth and this requires roasted bones.  The hot and sour soup broth has a deep roasted note and great savory beef flavors. A good proper beef broth is made from roasting beef and pork bones.  The brown notes that are made during the bone roasted gives the soup stock great savory roasted notes.  Full Kee's broth is one of the best  Hot and sour soups in the area.  Debby had this tonight and as always it is fantastic.

Full Kee Hot and Sour Soup

Today I tried something different.  I went for Full Kee's minced chicken and sweet corn soup.  It had a very strong chicken broth.  Lots of chicken bone, meat and fat notes.  This is more of the type of broth you get from a real chef making the broth from roasted bones and fats, not the soup mix or base that most restaurants use.  I felt the soup was excellent. It was served piping hot, not warmed over.  Perfect for me but she felt it had too much chicken fat flavor.


Next we had the steamed dumplings.  Today they were lacking in flavor.  They needed more ginger, garlic and soy sauce.  Somewhat bland. Not typical for Full Kee.  But it was a poor batch.  They are lukewarm by the time they hit the table almost as if they were pre-cooked and just thrown into a steamer for a few seconds


Next, we had our entries.


I had the Mongolian Roast Pork.  This is NOT your typical Mongolian style dish with scallions and black pepper.  This dish had zucchini, bamboo sprouts onion and roasted pork in a plum, garlic, and chili pepper sauce.  Very  tasty, but not what I would call Mongolian.  If you want typically Mongolian get the scallion Lamb (or ask for it with beef).  The Scallion lamb is excellent.  All of the main dishes are served in mini woks which added character.

Full Kee Mongolian Roast Pork


We also  had the Lo Mein.  The Lo Mein at Full Kee tonight was excellent.  It had a good touch of sesame seed oil which added a dimension to the low Mein that you don't typically get.  Great Flavor!

Full Kee Lo Mein



The food overall is excellent.  I highly recommend Full Kee and it is as close as you can get in the Triad to Fine Dining Chinese.  The food is excellent, the ambiance is fantastic.  The service is inconsistent and could use a little work.  The service is not bad, but it is not at the caliber it should be for a restaurant as good as Full Kee is.


Be aware, the prices of mixed drinks are on the expensive side.  However, the food is very reasonable considering the quality.

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