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LaRue - Fine Dining Restaurant

Food           ★★★★★      
Ambiance    ★★★★★
Service        ★★★★★
Creativity     ★★★★★ 
Value           ★★★★★
meal for 2 $50-70 plus drinks
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label Local business type:  Restaurant
info Name: LaRue Restaurant
comment Description: Molecular Gastronomy restaurant and bar with excellent food
attach_money Price range: $$$
flag Cuisine: Contemporary | Continental | French
location_on Address: 313 S Greene St | Greensboro | NC 27401 | USA
phone Telephone: 336-252-2253
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Update June 27th 2016.

 La Rue is closing on Saturday July 2nd.  They will be opening in a new, much larger location around August 2016 at 

403 N Elm St, Greensboro, NC 27401 in the previous location of Ganache Restaurant.

I am looking forward to dining at their new location which will have a much larger and modern kitchen which will really showcase their culinary expertise!

LaRue is a modern/French style restaurant with a very small menu that changes monthly.  4 appetizers and 4 entrees and 2 salads.  That's it, small simple, and very creative menu.  However, this simple menu is a fantastic idea.  Do 4 dishes right, no not right, perfect!  Concentrate on a small number of great dishes and perfect them.  There is nothing worse than a huge menu where most of the dishes are so-so.... At LaRue, everything was perfect.

The menu changes at LaRue once a month so you have a reason to come back at least 12x per year.

I think I have a new favorite restaurant!

LaRue is located in downtown Greensboro a block off of the main drag.  The location has lots of parking around it including several lots and a parking garage, so it is fairly convenient.  

I have a hard time giving a restaurant this many 5 star ratings, but I truly feel LaRue deserves this.  The food at LaRue is VERY creative and delicious.  The restaurant has an upscale, yet very comfortable atmosphere where you would feel comfortable in a suit or in jeans.  The service was perfect.  It is hard to find anything wrong with LaRue.  I also feel for the quality of the meal, the prices are very reasonable.

LaRue is a very narrow and long restaurant with about 15 tables and a bar area for dining.  The kitchen is very small and located at the end of the bar so if you are seated at the bar you would have a great view of the kitchen and the prep/cooking of your meal.  The main dishes are available in small plates or large plates.  I recommend trying the small plates with a salad and an appetizer to allow you to try several different dishes in one visit.  The main dishes we had tonight at LaRue were small plates.

Tonight we started off with the beets and berries salad.  A very simple plate of beets, fresh berries, chevre, pistachios, oil, and vinegar.  This was a great combination of flavors and a great salad to start off the meal.  Sweet, sour and savory/funky/ earthy notes of the Chevre Cheese (Goat Cheese).  Simple yet delicious.

La Rue's  beets and berries salad Next was the moules raclette  mussels gratine, smoked shoyu (Smoked soy sauce).   We should have ordered 2 of these!  Really good.  Slight smoke flavor combined with the carmelized cheese notes and the mussels was a fantastic combination.  Nicely done!LaRue's moules raclette Next was the main course of Squab (small pigeon) with lardons (salted pork fat) swiss chard, juniper berries, and foie gras.  The Squab was slightly tough and probably could have used a few more minutes under the heat, but the swiss chard and the sauce with the foe gras was fantastic.  The lardons were a bit on the salty side.  This dish had lots of intense flavors that worked well together.La Rue's Squab We also had the Veal with fresh caper tagliatelle (thick egg noodle) and beurre blanc.  Beurre blanc is a butter sauce made with a white wine, shallots, and cold butter is blended into to create an oil in water emulsion.  The Beurre blanc has a delicate flavor that blended well with the delicate flavors of the veal and the sour notes of the capers.  Perfect combination.La Rue' Veal with fresh caper taglatelle The service at LaRue was fantastic.  Servers are friendly and made you feel very comfortable.  Plates were brought out in the proper order with enough time in between to enjoy them and not feel rushed.  Their timing was perfect.  The servers did what they should do, perfectly.   I really enjoyed this restaurant due to the comfortable atmosphere,  creative dishes cooked perfectly and great service.  We will be coming back and I suggest you to try them too. your social media marketing partner