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Giadas Trattoria - Class   Casual Restaurant

Food           ★★★        
Creativity     ★★☆ 
Value           ★★★
meal for 2 $30 -35 plus drinks

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info Name: Giadas Trattoria
comment Description: Very good Italian Restaurant in Kernersville
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flag Cuisine: Italian
location_on Address: 210 N Main St STE 210 | Kernersville | NC 27284 | USA
phone Telephone: 336-497-5316
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Update August 2016

Last night we went to Giadas and had a less than stellar experience.  The food at Giadas has been getting more consistent and better with each visit.  However, the service has not.  Tonights experience was memoriable. We were seated and then nothing.  No one came to our table.  After 15 minutes we got up to find out what the problem was and a server showed up within a minute.  She took our drink orders.  Once again, nothing, not water, no drinks no one to be seen.  After another 15 minutes, the table next to us was seated, they had the drink order and were served their drinks.  We were still waiting and had enough and walked out.  I don't normally walk out of a restaurant, but I felt after sitting there for 1/2 hour and not even have a drink served or have anyone take our order was exceptionally bad.


Original Review

We have been eating at Giadas since the opened.  Overall the food is very good, however they can be a little inconsistent. 

Giadas Trattoria is located in an old factory that has been converted into retail and restaurant space.  Giadas has the prime location in the front on Main St.  There is plenty of parking around the factory.  

Giadas Trattoria has a very interesting decor, mixture of old factory floors mixed with modern fixtures.  Giadas is broken up into pleasing smaller rooms which makes it appear smaller and cosier and not as loud.  Nice touch.  There are several small rooms for private parties of 8-10 and the larger rooms have dividers if you need a private room for a larger group.

The food here tonight was wonderful.

I had the special.   A Ribeye topped with bacon Gorgonzola Cheese, Peppers in a balsamic demi glace over Risotto Cakes.  I am not a big fan of the blue cheeses and Gorgonzola is the Italian version of blue/ Roguefort cheeses.  I find the strong flavors  from the Penicillium glaucum and rogueforti can easily overpower many foods.  However, Giadas did an excellent job of adding just a small amount to a dish that had many other powerful flavors.  This combination really worked as the blend of the many strong flavors created a fantastic dish.  The risotto cakes were a nice touch that also helped keep the Italian theme.  Risotto is made from Arborio Rice which is a short grain rice grown in Italy.  It has a high amylopectin content which makes a much creamier consistency when cooked.  It has a very neutral flavor and is excellent for picking up the flavors of broths added to the Risotto.  Arborio rice also absorbs more water helping it give a creamy texture to the Risotto.  Giadas did a great job with the cakes as they were cooked to have creamy centers with crispy edges.  Even with the steak and demi glace on top, they did not get soggy.


This type of dish I  really enjoy.  Italian inspired, but creative and original.  Job well done!

Giadas Ribeye 


We also had the house salad.  Huge salad served in a pizza crust bowl

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