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Osteria Italian Restaurant - Fine Dining Restaurant

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meal for 2 $50-70 plus drinks

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info Name: Osteria Italian Restaurant
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location_on Address: 1310 Westover Terrace | Greensboro | NC 27408 | USA
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Osteria Italian Restaurant serves fine food from the Emilia-Romagna (Bologna) region which is located between Florence and Venice. The Emilia-Romagna region is considered the heart of Northern Italian cuisine.  This region is the only place where Parmigiano-Reggiano is made and it is famous for is prosciutto Ham.  This style of cooking has rich complex flavors and the pasta of choice is tagliatelle (golden egg pasta).

Osteria Italian Restaurant did an exceptional job in all aspects.  This is without a doubt the best Italian restaurant in the Greensboro area.  The menu had plenty of original dishes that are rarely seen at Italian restaurants in the area. There were plenty of regular items and specials that we wanted to try.

Osteria is a small restaurant located in a small strip center with plenty of parking.  The Interior is a bit cramped and there are two tables located by the door that would not be pleasant to sit at.  There are a couple of tables outside for outdoor dining.  Osteria has wooden structures that help block the view of the parking lot.  Nice touch.  The interior is clean, well maintained and pleasant.

The signs of a good meal to come started with the Rolls.  Freshly baked hard rolls.  Crispy exterior with a firm yet soft crumb in the interior, a sign that they used a good high protein flour and the staff  knows how to bake.  This is the type of bread that is served in Italy.  Many restaurants the bread is an afterthought and many times it is stale or at least a couple days old.  Osteria's bread was fresh and authentic.  It was also served with a small plate of bean marinated in olive oil.  Nice touch and a nice start to a great meal.

We started off with Osteria's crepes with artichokes, spinach, peppers, ricotta and parmesan with roasted red pepper tarragon sauce. This was a very well rounded dish with the predominate flavor of the ricotta but with the notes of the other flavors in the background.  The sauce was fantastic and it created a very well balanced dish with plenty of complex flavors.

Osteria Italian Restaurant crepes  Greensboro


For the main course  I had the Tagliolini Aragosta.  This was a 1/2 lobster cooked with  herbs and butter with a side of Tagliolini with a roasted tomato sauce.   The center of the lobster also had 1 shrimp in the body cavity. The lobster was cooked perfectly and the sauce was fairly mild in flavor with notes of the lobster coming through.  The pasta sauce had lobster meat and some shrimp in it which worked well with the lightly roasted notes of the tomatos. Balanced and not overpowering flavors of the sauce worked well with the lobster.

Osteria Italian Restaurant Tagliolini Aragosta



We also had the Osteria's Rack of Lamb.  Herb crusted  frenched lamb rack served with mixed vegetables, cipollini onions toasted in a balsamic reduction, fingerling potatoes. The potatoes had an incredible amount of flavor.

Osteria Italian Restaurant Rack of Lamb



This was a very pleasant meal in all aspects and the servers were some of the best we have had in the area.   True professional service.  Plates arrived at the right time and new plates and flatware appeared when needed without us asking.  


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