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Village Pizza - Fast Casual

Food           ★★★★★
Ambiance    ★☆☆☆☆
Service        ★☆☆☆☆
Creativity     ★★★★☆
Value           ★★★★☆
meal for 2 $15-20 plus drinks 
Beer and Wine

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label Local business type:  Restaurant
info Name: Village Pizza
comment Description: Best NY style Pizza in the area. Nothing fancy, just great pizza
attach_money Price range: $
flag Cuisine: Pizza | Sandwiches
location_on Address: 8302 Belews Creek Rd | Stokesdale | NC 27357 | USA
phone Telephone: 336- 643-8492
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Out of the way, small, nothing fancy.  But they do have great pizza!  When you first drive up, you don't have high expectations.  Village Pizza is located in a small strip mall towards the end of downtown Stokesdale.  Do yourself a favor and go and try the pizza.

Pizza is one of those dishes that is really easy to get right, but so many get wrong.  The flour should be a high protein spring wheat flour.  The dough should be made daily and allowed to ferment.  Fermentation is critical in dough to get the proper flavors and textures.  Yes, this takes time and many pizza joints will skip and use a low protein flour and skimp on the fermentation.  These are the first 2 mistakes.  Next, you need a good sauce.  Not sweet and it needs to be balanced.  Garlic, oregano, and other spices should be balanced.  Too much sauce and you risk soggy.  Too little and its dry and lacking flavor.  Cheese.  Yes, good cheese and not too little and not too much.  Loading up the pizza with too many toppings and it will not cook properly.   Also, cooking,  pizza must be cooked on a hearth never a pan and never in an impingement oven.

So if it is so simple why do so many get this wrong?  The good news is Village Pizza gets it right. If you like NY/NJ style pizza and you are in the northwest area of Greensboro, NC, Give Village Pizza a try.


Village Pizza Restaurant Stokesdale
We started our meal with the buffalo wings.  They came perfectly fried and still piping hot.  These are not the common reheated wings you get at other locations.  The wings were still crunchy even with the sauce.  Perfect!  Once again, this is a very easy dish to get right and so many get it wrong.  Wings need to be fried fresh.  It only takes a few minutes to fry wings fresh.  There is no excuse for a restaurant to precook the wings and serve soggy wings.  Village Pizza served us perfect wings.
Village Pizza Restaurant Stokesdale Wings
The pizza came up next.  Once again perfect.  Village Pizza has the best crust in the area.  The crust is thin, but not too thin and it is crisp.  A perfect pizza will have a crisp crust that is not limp.  When you pick up a slice it should be crisp enough and have enough body to hold its own without falling limp. Village Pizza has scored 100% on this, the crust is wonderful.  They also have the right amount of sauce and the right amount of cheese.  The pizza is cooked on a hearth and it was freshly made.  Too many pizza restaurants pre-cook the pizza and then they add a little cheese and the toppings and recook.  Village Pizza makes their pizzas the old fashion way, freshly cooked and the quality shows.
Village Pizza Restaurant Stokesdale Pizza
Village Pizza is your basic small Pizza joint that is nothing special to look at on the inside.  Very basic.  Most of the business is carryout so they really don't have a wait staff.  One of the staff will come out and take your order and bring your food, but they are not dedicated to being wait staff.  
They have a limited beer and wine selection.  But the wings and pizza are the reason to go to Village Pizza. your social media marketing partner