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Blue Agave Mexican Bar and Grill - Casual Restaurant

Food           ★★★★★        
Ambiance    ★★★★★
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Value           ★★★★☆
meal for 2 $25 -30 plus drinks
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info Name: Blue Agave Mexican Restaurant and Grill
comment Description: Great Food in a nicely decorated restaurant that is rarely crowded.
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flag Cuisine: Mexican
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location_on Address: 3900 Battleground Ave | Greensboro | NC 27410 | USA
phone Telephone: 336-282-4800

Updated on December 26, 2015 - This is a multi-visit review...

I have eaten at Blue Agave Mexican grill several times for lunch and several times for dinner.  Every time I come, I say to myself that I should come more often.

Blue Agave Mexican Grill is located on Battle Ground Ave about 1/2 mile north of New Garden.  It is located in a small strip center and it has plenty of parking and even an outdoor eating area.  This is one of the nicer looking Mexican restaurants in the area and I feel the interior is one of the best in terms of decor for a casual restaurant in our area.    Bright yet tasteful paint with nice architectural structures and everything from the floor to the tables to the decor and paint is in good shape.  The lighting is bright, yet not blinding, no flashlights needed to read the menu here.

  They really have a done a great job designing and keeping up the restaurant.

Blue Agave Mexican Restaurant

Blue Agave Mexican Restaurant


On Dec 26, 2015 we had Dinner at Blue Agave 

One thing that I find surprising with each visit is how the restaurant is not full and how the food is always excellent.  Blue Agave Mexican Bar and Grill is one of the hidden gems that many don't know about.  The attention to detail in the food is wonderful.  Everything on the plate is slightly better than what I experience in other Mexican Restaurants in the area.  The refried beans are not canned soupy style.  They are thick and flavorful with a slight hint of jalapeno. The rice is darker red and is more savoury.  Typically I eat very little of the rice at most Mexican restaurants as there is usually too much food and the rice has no flavor.  This is not the case at Blue Agave Mexican Bar and Grill.  I find myself eating all of the rice and refried beans..... and usually eating too much as the food is really that good!

Tonight I had  Blue Agave Mexican Bar and Grill' Carnitas

The carnitas were flavorfully marinated and cooked until extremely tender and then lightly grilled to add some crunch.  They were topped with a green tomatillo sauce (you had an option of a mild ranchero sauce too).  Everything on the plate was extremely flavorful.

Blue Agave Restaurant Carnitas


We also had Blue Agave's Steak Salad.

Grilled Steak served over mixed greens with red onions, bell peppers and tomatoes, topped with queso fresco.  The one thing that really stood out in the salad was the quality of the steak.  It was tender, flavorful and well cooked.    Another excellent dish

Blue Agave Steak Salad


Blue Agave Mexican Bar and Grill has never disappointed me.  The place has a great interior and the food is always a step above the competition.  As a bonus for diners, it is never crowded which creates a great dining experience.




On a previous visit in 2015

I visited for lunch so the portions are a bit smaller.  Actually, I felt the portion size was perfect.  The right amount of food at a VERY good price.  Most lunch items are around $7 and this included a drink.  

I had the Camarones Mexicanos which is shrimp cooked in a medium hot chipotle sauce served with rice, salad and pico de gallo.  The chipotle sauce had a nice hot kick to it, not too much and it had a good chiptole smoke to it.  The rice was a much darker red than most Mexican Style rice, which gave it a bit more flavor and I felt this was better than most.  I have a tendency to NOT eat much of the rice at many Mexican restaurants as it is usually too bland.  The Rice at Blue Agave did not have this issue.

Blue Agave's  Camarones Mexicanos  

Add Blue Agave Mexican Bar and Grill to your list of restaurants to visit.  I know you will be pleased with them.  When you go,  order the table side guacamole.  You will be glad you did.
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