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BBQ Nation

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Food           ★★★
Ambiance    ★★☆☆
Service         ★
Creativity     ★★★★☆
Value           ★★★★

$30-50 meal for 2 with drinks (beer, wine, and very limited mixed drinks)

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 Local business type:  Restaurant
 Name: BBQ Nation
 Description: Indian BBQ restaurant
 Price range: $$
 Cuisine: Indian
 Menu URL:
 Address: 3928 Sedgebrook St | High Point | NC 27265 | USA
 Telephone: (336) 306-5511




I went back to BBQ Nation to further explore the food they offer.  This time we tried 3 of their non BBQ dishes and were pleasantly surprised at the quality and excellent flavors.  We may have a new favorite Indian Restaurant in Greensboro!

We started off with the Chicken Lollipops.  These are chicken drumsticks with the bones frenched and heavily marinated and then deep fried.  BBQ Nation's Chicken Lollipops were luscious spicey and full of flavor.  They were served fresh from the fryer, piping hot with a moist center and very crispy crust.  Perfection!

BBQ Nation Chicken Lollipops 

Next, we had the Chicken Tikka Dosa.  I hate to admit this, but this was the first time I have had Dosa and I never realized what I have been missing.  Dosa is a south Indian dish that has been popping up on more and more menus.  Dosa is a crispy thin crepe or pancake made of rice and urad dal batter.  BBQ Nation's Dosa was cooked with LOTS of ghee (clarified butter) and had a wonderful texture and a superb butter flavor.  The dosa makes a presentation due to the size,  but the dosa is thin and there is a reasonable amount of filling inside.  The Dosa came with 3 sauces on the side that I really did not use, as I felt the combination of the buttery dosa with the savory chicken tikka was perfect.  Without a doubt, I have a new favorite Indian food.  And to top it off BBQ Nation's Chicken Tikka Dosa was only $9!  What a deal!

BBQ Nation Biryani

The last dish was the boneless chicken Biryani.  This dish takes a bit longer to prepare, but it is worth the wait.  The chicken was very moist and FULL of flavor with a nice spice level.  This combined with the wonderful flavor of the black pepper, cardamom, ginger, cumin and other spices was a party in your mouth!  

Our first visit to BBQ Nation was less than perfect, but giving a new restaurant a second shot is always a good idea and I am glad we did.  BBQ Nation is our new favorite Indian Restaurant in the Triad.  The food is truly remarkable and the large crowds of Indian patrons indicate that the native consumers of Indian Food approve as well.  

Food is consistantly very good at BBQ during our 4-5 visits.  Service was very good at first, but the service has gone downhill.  They to give their servers training.  The servers do not know the menu, they forget to bring items requested and don't pay attention to your table.  This is a shame as the food is fantastic. 

On a Friday night, the restaurant will be quite busy at 8:30PM with large parties so I recommend showing up at 7:00 to 7:30 to avoid the crowds.


 If you are a fan of Indian food, you will not be disappointed.




Original Review on 2/23/2018

 BBQ is a brand new restaurant that just opened. It is the sister restaurant of Amaravati located in Charlotte. 

 It is never fair to be too hard on a new restaurant as they work out the kinks in their menu.  So this will be a brief review and introduction to the INDIAN restaurant BBQ Nation. Yes, you read that right BBQ Nation is an Indian restaurant!  I drove by this place numerous times before it opened and I thought it was a new Carolina BBQ Joint.  The BBQ in the name is for Indian BBQ and this name does not do the menu justice as they have a very extensive and diverse Indian menu that is worth exploring.

BBQ Nation is in an ex-fast food building that they modified and updated to a clean and simple design.  The atmosphere was a nice casual dining experience with extremely friendly waiters and staff.  The wait staff were very attentive without hovering.  The one twist is that all of the tables have a BBQ insert that allows them to insert a BBQ grill.  

BBQ at the table is a very difficult thing to pull off in an Indian restaurant.  First, the most common meat is chicken and I don't think NC allows raw chicken to be served at the table and chicken is easy to overcook.  The Chicken kabobs are grilled in the kitchen and a grill with a small amount of charcoal is brought to the table and the cooked Kabobs are put on the grill.  The waiter warned us not to leave them on too long as the chicken will dry out.  The kabobs were brought to the table warm not hot and a real hot grill would have been nice to add a fresh sear before eating, but this is not really practical as it would not be easy to bring a charcoal grill to the table that is searing hot....  If I were to order again, I would pull the meat off the skewers and place it on the grill below which is closer to the flames.  This should help to sear the meat a bit.


BBQ Nation

There were about 6-8 choices of Kabobs that were chicken, shrimp and vegetarian based.  You will get 4 skewers per order which was enough for 2 for dinner if you are not overly hungry.  The price for the skewers was about $12 which was very reasonable.  The BBQ is actually an appetizer and there are plenty of other dishes on the menu which sound good.  The selection of BBQ will vary and there is a chalkboard up front with a list of the days BBQ.  There were plenty of south Indian dishes on the menu which are not as commonly seen in US restaurants such as Dosa's and Uthappams. The menu is so interesting, I actually regret not getting more food, but this night I did not come with a huge appetite.  The Tikka Shrimp was my favorite.  The term Tikka means bits or pieces and is a popular Punjabi cuisine.  The Tikka shrimp was marinated in spices and yogurt and it had the right pepper kick and plenty of flavor.

Many of the dishes being brought past us all looked incredible and we will be coming back to explore the foods in the near future.  I expect the food to drastically improve over the next couple of months as they figure out what works and what does not.  So I will be back to explore their menu further.


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