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Taaza Indian Bistro - Greensboro

Casual Restaurant

Food           ★★★
Ambiance    ★★★☆☆
Service        ★★★
Creativity     ★★★
Value           ★★

$30-40 meal for 2 plus drinks 

 Information card

 Local business type:  Restaurant
 Name: Taaza Indian Bistro
 Cuisine: Indian
 Menu URL:
 Address: 1216 Bridford Pkwy | Greensboro | NC 27407 | USA
 Telephone: (336)-285-7878

Update January 20, 2017 

After a fantastic meal at Taaza Indian Bistro in December, we went back to see if this restaurant is consistent in their high-quality food.  I am happy to report that the food is consistently great!  Service could use a bit of work as they need a few more servers to give attention to the diners that match the quality of the food.  Without a doubt, this is the best tasting Indian Food in the Triad that I have had to date.  If you are an Indian Food fan, you must add this restaurant to your list of places to eat.

Tonight we had the Chicken Lollipop wings for an appetizer.  These were intensely marinated wings freshly fried.  The flavor was fantastic as the marinade and seasonings went deep into the meat. These were some of the tastiest wings I have had.

Taaza Bistro Lollipop Wings

and the Karaikudi Varutha Curry.  Taaza Indian Bistro's Karaikudi Varutha Curry is a culinary delicacy from South India.  It is a very flavorful curry with very intense yet complex flavor.  This is one of the those dishes with a lot happening.  Typically there are about 12 spices in the sauce.  Taaza'a was very well balanced and extremely flavorful with no single spice over powering the other.  

Taaza Bistro Curry 


Original review from December 2016

Taaza Indian Bistro opened a Greensboro location in Wendover Place shopping center (Bridford and Wendover) right next to the excellent Chinese Restaurant the Golden Wok. The original location is in Burlington. The Greensboro location has been open since around June of 2016 and I wish I would have gone there sooner! It is a smaller restaurant with roughly 20 tables and they have obviously picked up a following as they were fairly busy.  There were no waits for a table, but they had a decent sized crowd that indicates they are doing something right.

Taaza Bistro has done an excellent job at designing the restaurant. Everything from lights to artwork to the colors used was well done, modern clean and tasteful.  However, they put in a HUGE buffet station that really distracts from the decor.  I think every Indian Restaurant in this area feels it is mandatory to have a buffet lunch and Taaza went overboard with the this.  At nights the buffet station turns into a bit of an eyesore for such a wonderful restaurant.  The Buffet turns into a staging table for plates and such.  I find it a bit odd to take up so much floor space for a lunch buffet as lunch is typically the least profitable time for a good restaurant.  

The service at Taaza Indian Bistro was very good.  The wait staff was attentive, friendly and knowledgeable.  The teamwork of the staff was perfect and it indicates good front of the house management.  

The Food was a VERY pleasant surprise.  This was our first visit so we have only tried a few dishes and those were excellent.  There are many items on the menu that you do not typically see on Indian menus.  The difference is this is more of a Southern Indian Restaurant and the food is slightly different in the south.  For those who want the more traditional dishes found in other Indian Restaurants will be pleased to know that they offer these as well.  I find a slightly different menu choices at Taaza Bistro to be a fantastic reason to visit and to come back.


The Food at Taaza Indian Bistro

We started off the night with the Fried Okra.  This was a freshly fried battered okra that was served fresh out of the fryer.  Tasty and fantastic dish.  

For my main dish, I had Nattu Kozhi Varuval or Taaza's Roasted Cornish Hen sauteed with south Indian Spices. This was a whole (very small) cornish hen with a very spicy sauce. It has bones and is chopped up.  I prefer all meats to be cooked with the bones.  The flavors are always better when cooked with bones.  I ordered it spicy and it was very spicy and VERY aromatic.  The flavors were different from most Indian dishes I had and I liked it!  This dish was intense and flavorful and very aromatic.  I would highly recommend it.


Taaza Bistro Nattu Kozhi Vanuval
Taaza Bistro Nattu Kozhi Vanuval
We also got a plate of Garlic Naan.  When this showed up, I knew the meal was going to be fantastic.  The garlic naan was VERY garlicky and if you are a garlic lover the fragrance of garlic was very pronounced as it was placed on the table.  If you like garlic, get this!
Taaza Bistro Garlic Naan
We also had Taaza Bistro's Saag Lamb.  The Saag sauce was better than any Saag  I have tasted in the area.  The sauce tasted fresher and extremely well balanced.  My wife compared this to Saags she has had in  New York and she felt this was one of the best she has had in a long time.  Incredible flavor of a professionally made sauce with lots of fresh spinach, spices, and herbs.  Once again, fantastic. 
Taaza Indian Bistro Lamb Saag
Taaza Indian Bistro is THE BEST Indian food we have found in the area.  We have not eaten at every Indian restaurant yet....  I would love to find better, but I am not sure if that is going to ever happen in the Triad.  This will be our new go to Indian Restaurant.  If you have not eaten here yet, you must try it.  Everything we tried here was significantly better than what we have experience in other local Indian Restaurants. your social media marketing partner