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The W on Elm 

Casual Fine Dining  Restaurant

Food           ★★★
Ambiance    ★★★
Service       ★★★★
Creativity    ★★★★
Value           ★★★★

$40-60 meal for 2 plus drinks

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label Local business type:  Restaurant
info Name: W on Elm
comment Description: Fabulous food at reasonable prices in a very comfortable and pleasing to the eye restaurant.
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flag Cuisine: American | Southern | Modern
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location_on Address: 324 S Elm St | Greensboro | NC 27401 | USA
phone Telephone: 336-617-5922
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Updated Review of the W on Elm  Sept 2016

We had a fabulous dinner at the W on Elm about 6 weeks ago and we were excited to come back and try more of their food.  Unfortunately, this time, they were not as stellar and I had to knock a few stars off of the food quality.  

Tonight we had The W on Elm's Marinated Pork Tenderloin.  This was served over fresh greens and had a mixed vegetable with a cauliflower mash.    The pork was over-cooked and dried out.  It had the texture of meat that has been held too long at temperature.  Really a shame as this dish could have been quite nice.  The serving size was a bit small.  More of a small plate than a standard dish.

W on Elm Pork Tenderloin



We also had the special fish of the day.  Mackerel.  Not the most exciting dish....


The W on Elm Mackerel


Our first experience at the W on Elm was fantastic and this time less so.  Considering how good the food was previously, we will  be back to give them another shot as anyone can have a bad night.



Original Review of The W on Elm

 W on Elm is a fairly new restaurant that opened around March 2016. W on Elm has outstanding food served in fantastic decor, perfect wait staff, and reasonable prices!  It is located on Elm Street

on one of the street level parking lots.  If this lot is full, there is a garage about a block away, so parking is close and easy.  They really had everything perfect during our dinner!

W on Elm Entrance


Upon entering you will notice the clean modern decorations that combine colors and textures of cloth drapes on the walls and repurposed wood planks on the wall that gives a modern/cool comfortable feeling.  The lighting inside is perfect.   Bright enough to see well without the nasty glare of bulbs in your eyes.  You will have a choice of outdoor patio dining or indoors.  The environment is a classy yet casual environment that you  would be comfortable in.   The bar is small but really beautiful with modern back-lighting. 

The website uses the term social atmosphere and social dining.  This term almost turned us off from going, as we thought there might be group tables as you would see in Germany.  No worries here.  Normal restaurant with fantastic service and food.

For whatever reason, the night we went was not busy at all.  Most of the tables inside and out were empty at 8PM on a Saturday night.  Great for us!

Interior of W on Elm


The waitstaff was  fantastic.  He gave us friendly, prompt, and attentive service without being too pushy.  He described what he liked on the menu with great descriptions and what others have liked.  I wish more restaurants had servers of this caliber.  Overall great dining experience.


The Food at W on Elm was outstanding.  Each dish had many different textures and flavors that all were complimentary.  The menu has a large selection of foods with an international influence from Southern USA,  Thai, Jamaican, Frech, Italian and more.  There are plenty of choices on this menu that should make most happy.


We started off with the W. On Elm's Olive Oil Flatbread.  It was served with Pulled Chicken with heirloom tomato and pesto.  The combination was fantastic.  Full of flavor with the combination of tomato, garlic, cheese and pesto on a very thin and crisp crust.  Perfect size to share for 2 or 3 people as an appetizer.  If you go, you must try this!

W on Elm Flatbread


Next, I had W on Elm's Shrimp and Grits.  The Shrimp and Grits had Collards cooked with a bit a red pepper and perfectly cooked cheesy grits.  The grits still had a bit of texture of the corn meal, not the over-cooked mush you get at many restaurants.  The shrimp had a bit a caramelization, perfectly cooked.  The combination of textures and flavors was fantastic.  Obviously, all items on the plate were cooked separately and then plated which separated the flavors.  Very well done.


W on Elm Shrimp and Grits


We also had the Scallop Special.  This plate had 2 HUGE, well-caramelized scallops over onion-grits cooked with a red pepper Sauce.  Normally, you would think 2 scallops is a bit stingy, but these scallops were huge! The plate was full of flavors that complimented each other. The red pepper sauce was very light and flavorful and very espuma like. Everything on the plate was delicious.  

W on Elm Scallops


I highly recommend The W on Elm.  Great Food, Great ambiance and Great Service without the price tag to break the bank.  They will be added to my list of top restaurants in Greensboro!



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