Restaurant Reviews

Rating Best Restaurants

When searching for or choosing a restaurant, I obviously want great food.  

Hot food should be hot, cold food should be cold and everything should be professionally prepared and presented.  Service should be attentive, but not bothersome.  Service should be professional.  And please do not put the bill down while someone is still eating.  The ambiance is not critical  in a restaurant that has great food.  There are small dives that I would go to with pleasure that has great food.  Some of the best things I have eaten have been from street vendors in Thailand.  However, as the prices go up, I expect the place to look better. Who wants to pay $80 for a meal at a dive of a restaurant?  The restaurant must be clean.  Sanitation is very important and as a trained Food Scientist, I am picky about clean.

I want to see something original on a restaurant menu.  The Greensboro and Winston-Salem area are full of unoriginal restaurants that are really hard to tell the difference.  I have never in my life seen an area over-saturated with Japanese restaurants.  Typically an area will have 30-50 good sit down Chinese restaurants for every Japanese restaurant.  In the Triad, there must be 50 Japanese restaurants for every Chinese and most of the Chinese restaurants are carry out with the same basic menu.   It would be nice to see these restaurants branch out and make some creative style dishes that stand out from the rest.  Other styles of cooking that can lack originality are Italian.  There is much more to Italian cooking than pasta and pizza.  I have been to some Fantastic Italian restaurants in New Jersey and of course, Italy that has a completely different menu and had almost none of the classic/normal Italian dishes on the menu.  These restaurants served fantastic food too.

One style of food you will rarely see reviewed by me is buffet restaurants.  All you can eat or any restaurant that has a buffet table disgust me.  I find the whole concept of all you can gorge disgusting.  Food that is warm over and hundreds of dirty hands have touched the serving spoons is just unsanitary.  

Buffet style restaurants cater to patrons who are more concerned with quantity than quality and the food shows it.  Restaurant food should be rated in quality, not quantity. your social media marketing partner