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Restaurant Ratings

The classic way of classifying restaurants does not always work. How do you review a casual restaurant and then review a fine dining restaurant with the same 5-star system?  Is it fair to give a fine dining restaurant service 4 stars and then a casual restaurant 4 stars when the service is not even on the same level?  

The classically described restaurant types, Fast food, Fast Casual (Chipotle and Panera), Casual (Fridays Applebees etc),  and Fine dining is missing a huge class of restaurants.  The intermediate Fine Dining restaurant.  This category has fine food at affordable prices, a much higher level of service and ambiance than casual dining, but nowhere near the prices of Fine Dining.

It is impossible to compare a casual restaurant to a fine dining restaurant in terms of service and food.  A different scale must be used.  5-star service at a casual restaurant would equate to 1-star service at a fine dining establishment.  

Each review will place the restaurant into a category of Fine Dining, Intermediate Fine Dining, Casual Dining or Other.  The number of stars given is appropriate for each category.

Each restaurant will receive ratings on

Food:  How well is the meal prepared.   Hot dishes should be hot and the flavor and presentation should be professional.

Service: How good was the staff.  Servers should be attentive, helpful, professional and they will get big dings for presenting the bill while someone is still eating.

Ambiance: Appearance of a restaurant inside and out and sometimes the area.  

Originality: How creative is the chef.  Are they serving the same dishes as another or have they created or adapted dishes that are truly original.  Most restaurants fail in this category.  Only the finest chefs are creative and serve original dishes

Value: Excellent food at great prices or mediocre food at high prices.  Fine dining restaurants will normally score lower here unless they are really outstanding.  Intermediate Fine Dining will always have the advantage in this category. 


★★★★★  Truly Outstanding 

★★★★☆  Commendable

★★★☆☆  Average - Typical Restaurant 

★★☆☆☆  Below Average

★☆☆☆☆  Bad 

☆☆☆☆☆  Terrible


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