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Bistro B and Wine Bar - Fine Dining Restaurant

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meal for 2 $40-50 plus drinks 
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comment Description: Excellent Tapas in Kernersville. Huge value for price!
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Update of Bistro B and Wine Bar Sept 2016.

 Bistro B is still one of my favorite restaurants in the Triad.  The food is consistently good and the menu is very large and full of interesting dishes and being a Tapas style restaurant, it allows you to try many things in one evening.

While the food is always consistently good, the service in the past has been less than stellar.  Tonight was an exception.  The service was excellent.  The server knew the menu and the food and did a fantastic job. Food served while still hot and no dishes were lagging.  Hopefully, the level of service is the new standard and the problems of the past are left in the past.  I really felt that they have made an effort to improve the service and it showed.

But be aware, this is a Tapas restaurant and the dishes are typically served as they are prepared, hot and  fresh.  On busy nights, you may have one dish lag behind the others.

Tonight we had:

Bisto B's Gumbo.  This was a very flavorful dish with plenty of shrimp and crawfish.  The flavor was good, not too spicy and just a touch of roux.  Many times the roux can over-power the flavors of the seafood and this dish had a great balance.

bistro B Gumbo


Next, deep fried zucchini blossoms

The blossoms had a mild batter and were deep fried and served with a dressing of plenty of grated parmesan cheese.  The batter was perfectly fried with a light texture and it did not overpower the delicate flavors of the blossom.

Bisto B Zucchini Blossoms 



I also tried the Bistro B Gambas al Ajillo.  This is a classic tapas dish of Shrimp with lots of garlic and a touch of chili. The shrimp were fresh and perfectly cooked.  The sauce is a simple sauce of garlic, olive oil and a touch of wine or sherry with just a hint of chili.  

Bistro B Gambas al Ajillo





Update of Bistro B and Wine Bar May 2016.  

Bistro B 's menu has been updated since our last visit.  There are some new items and a few that are gone.  It is still a very large and impressive menu with plenty of items that will entice you.  Possibly too many to choose from as it is hard to pick from all of the fantastic choices.  Last night's food was as good or better than the food we have had at Bistro B in the past.  Every dish was incredible.  Fresh and hot and all very flavorful.  Last night we had the special soup, seafood gumbo.  I had the small portion, which was a bit small, but it had to be one of the best gumbos I have ever tasted.  I also had the Carnitas and Lobster Crabtini.  The carnitas was another dish that stood out as an incredible dish.  The Lobster Crabtini was very heavy in Avocado and pretty light in lobster and crab.  We have had this dish before and it was not quite so heavy on the avocado.

The one thing that Bistro B and Wine Bar frequently fails on is service.  Last night was  the lowest level of service we had at Bistro B.  The server was almost non-existent as I think he was tending bar and serving our table.  If this was the case, it was not 100% his fault, but someone should have relieved him of our table in order to properly serve us.  The first dish I ordered was out due to lack of soft shell crab and the chef informed me of this and gave me another menu to look over.  The server never came back to our table to see what I wanted to order as a replacement.  After 10 minutes I flagged down another waiter and gave him my order. Even after this, our waiter was still AWOL.  Bread never came to our table until we asked for it 3 times.  The waiter never came back to see it we needed more drinks.  For a restaurant of this caliber, this was totally unacceptable.  We have eaten at Bistro B's at least 15-20 times over the past 5 years and we have never had service this lacking.  

The  issue many people have is the food is served one dish at a time, or tapas style.  Typically you share a dish and the food will come out fresh from the kitchen, piping hot as they are made.  The dishes may be 3-5 minutes apart.  If you are are planning to eat your dishes non-tapas style, this may be what you are expecting as one person will be eating their meal while others are waiting and someone will always be last. It is a bit awkward to be the person who is last being served in a group of 4 people.  One person will almost be 1/2 way through their meal before you even begin.  However, this allows the food to be served fresh and hot and not sitting under a heat lamp for 5 minutes in the kitchen.  Last night I doubt any plate spent more than 3 minutes from stove to our table.  

As always, Bistro B and Wine Bar lives up to its reputation of fantastic food at reasonable prices for food of this quality.  However, they need to work a bit on the front of the house to make the service match the kitchen.


Review of Bistro B and Wine Bar August 2015

Bistro B in old town Kernersville, NC needs to be on your favorite Greensboro / Winston-Salem restaurant  list.  The food is reasonably priced and it is superb with many dishes you rarely see at other restaurants. The menu selection is extensive.

Bistro B specializes in Tapas or small plates.  Normally these are served individually and not as a meal.    These small dishes are meant to be shared by the table.  If you are ordering a dish for each, you may be disappointed when everyone is served but you. As your dish is prepared, it is served. Expect this and you will not be disappointed.  

Bistro B have received bad reviews in the past in regards to service.  Typically the issue is being served tapas style.    They have made improvements in the past few years to bring dishes out together.  Just don't be disappointed if they don't and enjoy the fantastic Food.  However, I feel they need to up their standards in service.  Many of the nights they seem to be understaffed for this caliber of restaurant.  Don't let this prevent you from visiting this gem.

The food is an interesting mix of dishes from Spain, Portugal, Italy and France.  Every dish we have had here and we go often.. has pleased us.

The menu is extensive with a large selection of wines and a decent but not great beer list.

Beef Carpaccio

Beef Carpaccio is typically made with raw meat that is thinly sliced with lemon, olive oil.  Bistro B version has thinly sliced beef tenderloin with roasted peppers with anchovy caper sauce balsamic vinegarette and crostinis.  Excellent combination of flavors!

 Bistro B's beef carpaccio


Croquettes de Hongo

A Croquettes de Hongo  is a small breadcrumbed Mushroom roll fried in oil.  

Bistro B version of Croquettes de Hongo  were very creamy mushrooms breaded and fried.  These Croquettes melted in your mouth.  Not tough and rubbery like typical fried mushrooms.

Bistro B's Croquettes de hongos

Piquillo Peppers stuffed with Beef Short Ribs

Bistro B's Piquillo peppers stuffed with short ribs


Calamari is a very popular dish in the Mediterranean area.  This dish is a breaded and fried squid.  The secret to making great calamari is proper fryer temperature and never overcooking.  The biggest error is over cooking.  Good calamari should cook in about 2 minutes, anything more and they start to get tough and rubbery. The main difference from restaurant to restaurant is the coating used and sometimes the dipping sauce.  

Bistro B Calamari was slightly overcooked and not the freshest this night.  The highly seasoned breader worked well with the calamari.

Bistro B's calamari



We visit Bistro B about 4-6 times per year.  As any restaurant, they have better and worse nights.  Overall this is one of our favorite restaurants and the food is typically fantastic.    The ability to get many small plates to be shared allows us to sample many different foods and the foods at Bistro B's are worth sampling! your social media marketing partner