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Melt Kitchen and Bar - Casual Dining Restaurant

Food ★★★★☆ 
Ambiance ★★★★☆ 
Service ★★★★☆
Creativity ★★★★★
Value ★★★★☆
meal for 2 $20 -30 plus drinks 
Full Bar
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label Local business type:  Restaurant
info Name: Melt Kitchen and Bar
attach_money Price range: $$
flag Cuisine: American | Contemporary
location_on Address: 2270 Golden Gate Dr | Greensboro | NC 27405 | USA
phone Telephone: 336-617-4664
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Melt Kitchen and Bar is a small restaurant with around 12 tables.  The menu is mostly Panini's but they do have some other dishes that are VERY interesting.  When you look at the menu, you at first think this is a lunch spot only, but it really is not.  They do have a couple of entree specials and some very tasty small plates/ appetizers that they label as "to share"  The food we had was fantastic, tasty and creative.

This is a hard restaurant to classify.  It is a combination Panini and small plates (that really were not that small)

The interior was very clean  bright and modern and quite busy the night we were there.  All of the tables were full and most of the bar was occupied as well.  The servers were very attentive and professional.


Melt's Food

We decided to try 3 of Melts appetizers or to share plates.  Most of these plates were in the $10 range and all were had very generous portions.

The first plate to arrive was Melt's Korean BBQ Wings. This was a plate of 10 wing pieces with a slightly sweet and spicy sauce with sesame seeds, garlic, and other spices.  They were a bit mild in flavor, but still very good. 

Melt Kitchen and Bar Korean Wings 


Next, we had Melt Kitchen and Bar's Steak and Basil Lettuce Wraps.  This was the best plate of the night!  Small chunks of flank steak with sauteed red pepper, red onion, fresh basil and crispy shallots with baby romaine lettuce cups.  The flavor of this dish was fantastic.  When you go, you must try this dish.


 Melt Kitchen and Bar's Steak and Basil Lettuce Wraps


The last plate was Melt Kitchen and Bar's Crispy Brussels Sprouts. A large plate of roasted Brussel sprout halves cooked in bacon, fried capers, dried cherries, pistachio vinaigrette.  This plate was huge.  This was enough to serve 4 people or more!  The flavor was excellent.  The dried cherries added a small amount of sweetness that plays well with the salty, savory flavors of the bacon.  This was a great combination.


Melt Kitchen and Bar's Crispy Brussel Sprouts


Melt Kitchen and Bar was an excellent restaurant that should be tried.  The food is fantastic- tasty and creative. The service is excellent and the prices are very reasonable. This will be added to our growing list of restaurants in the Triad to come back to. your social media marketing partner