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Food           ★★★★★          
Ambiance  ★★★★☆ 
Service    ★★★☆☆ 
Creativity     ★★★☆ ☆ 
Value           ★★★★☆ 
meal for 2 $25 -40 
Full Bar

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label Local business type:  Restaurant
info Name: Char Bar No 7
attach_money Price range: $$
flag Cuisine: Hamburgers | Pub | Steakhouse
location_on Address: 2014 Pisgah Church Rd | Greensboro | NC 27455 | USA
phone Telephone: 336-545-5555
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Charbar No. 7 is a chain of 4 Restaurants located around North Carolina.  It is a combination burger and steak joint with a decent beer list and a nice bar.

The location in Greensboro is on Lawndale Dr next to Fresh Market.

Charbar No7 is small to a mid-size restaurant that is obviously professionally designed and decorated.  It has a strong cowboy/ western motif consisting of aged wood and skulls/horns of various animals (think old west) and a few well placed modern touches.  Overall very pleasing.  My only gripe would be the Televisions.  TV's are everywhere and I felt that this brought the place down a few notches.   The number of TV's are really needed in a nicer restaurant.  Maybe just the bar??

Service at Charbar 7 was a bit of a letdown.  It was not bad,  but the server was attentive but clumsy.  She dropped things by our table twice and she made the fatal flaw of asking us what we would like for dessert while were still eating.  If you work in a restaurant and forks are still in hand and food is moving from plate to mouth, do not ask if you want dessert.  Do not put the bill on the table.  Just wait a bit and come back.

The food at Charbar No. 7 was quite good.

I ordered the Ribeye Steak with a side of Mushroom Risotto

They did not advertise their cooking method. However, on the special menu, they indicated that they cooked the steaks at 1800F.  This is a VERY important tidbit and we found out they were cooking at 1800F, we had to order a steak!  Searing steaks at 1800F is a method you are not going to do at home.  It creates a fantastic steak and Charbar 7's steak  was fantastic.  I would rate this as the BEST $21 steak you are going to get in the area.  The steak was not a steakhouse inch and a half thick bone in ribeye..... But it was a 12 oz boneless rib eye that was extremely tender and flavorful.  Great deal if you like Ribeyes and meat cooked at 1800F!


The Risotto was also very good.  Charbars No 7's risotto had excellent mushroom flavor and it was very creamy. Excellent dish.

Charbar 7 Ribeye

Charbar 7 Ribeye


Charbar No. 7 has a great steak at a great price.  This was one of the most expensive items on Charbar's menu.  There were plenty of sandwiches and salads at cheaper price points.  Overall it was a great experience and I recommend Charbar No. 7! your social media marketing partner