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Tessa Farm to Fork Restaurant

Upscale Casual Restaurant

meal for 2 $35-50 plus drinks 

No Alcohol

Food           ★★★☆         
Ambiance    ★★★☆☆ 
Service        ★★★★☆
Creativity     ★★★★  
Value           ★★★☆☆

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info Name: Tessa Farm to Fork
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flag Cuisine: American | Bistro
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location_on Address: 3929 Battleground Ave | Greensboro | NC 27410 | USA
phone Telephone: 336-763-1256
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Tessa is one of the popular Farm to Fork style restaurants.  It is located in what appears to be an old diner.  They have done a fabulous job of converting this old restaurant into a more upscale location.  Sliding shutters were installed along the windows to soften the harsh light of the diners old windows.  A very long bench seat was installed along the wall and tables are lined up along the window creating a restaurant out of an old diner.   The exterior has  a few touches to help hide its previous life.  


The service at Tessa was very good.  It is a very small restaurant so you will get the proper attention.  The waitstaff did a great job at serving us. 


The food experience at Tessa Farm to Fork was mixed.  We started our meal with the Kale soup.  The soup was a disappointment. Drastically under-salted and lacking flavor.  The broth tasted like a water broth with no stock, no salt, and very little seasoning, no umami notes in the broth.  

The waitress asked how we like the soup and we told her our opinion.  We normally do not say anything, but we felt this soup was really lacking and they needed to be aware.  They quickly offered to remove it from the bill.  

Next, I had Tessa Farm to Fork's Braised Short Rib & Shrimp.  The Short ribs were topped with a Strawberry sauce and there was a side of Firecracker shrimp in a Tatsoi Stir fry. I have to admit, I was a little apprehensive about the strawberry sauce. But to my surprise, It was a really good combination.  The sweet strawberry sauce was fantastic on the savory braised short ribs.  The two flavors did a fantastic job of complimenting each other. The firecracker shrimp on the Tatsoi stir fry was good.  Freshly made with good flavors, but underwhelming when plated with the short ribs and s strawberry.

Tessa Short Ribs


Overall the experience was good. Good service and if the soup was made with a proper broth and  bit more  seasonings and salt, I would have rated the food higher.  

Farm to Fork is not an easy menu in the early spring.  Trying to source fresh local ingredients in April is difficult and this makes for a much more limited menu.  Tessa service was very good and I think they have a lot of potentials.  We will return to try their food again.
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